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Separate wifi network 3800hgv-b and dlink dir 628


Separate wifi network 3800hgv-b and dlink dir 628

I am trying to setup a separate wifi network aside from my 2wire setup (has both wired and wireless devices). I want to keep the new network separate from the 2wire (family computers and devices). This is just in case someone gets access to the second network the family network (2wire) will be safe. I have a dlink dir 628 router that I would like to use for this separate network. I would also like for this network to have its own SSID and encryption password. I have been scouring the web and the forums but getting different answers on how I would physically connect the u-verse gateway, 3800hgv-b, and the dlink dir-628. Which device comes first the gateway or the router? Also what changes do I need to make in both router setting pages? Thanks for the help!

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Re: Separate wifi network 3800hgv-b and dlink dir 628

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Re: Separate wifi network 3800hgv-b and dlink dir 628

The link gregzoll_1 post will work to help make it so basically your RG is in "semi-bridge" mode. Essentially making your RG act just like a modem and making your dlink the router.

However typically in that setup you don't leave the RG wireless still on and just rely on your own router's wifi. However, the setup you want is for the wifi from you RG and your Dlink to be seperate.

So what I would do is connect an ethernet cable from one of the ports on your RG to the internet port on your Dlink. Then with your Dlink you will still be able to access the internet because you are doing what is called Double NATing.

But on the plus side for you want the networks to be separate and they will because of the double NATing and devices that are connect to the Dlink router won't be able to communicate with devices that are connect to the RG network.

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Re: Separate wifi network 3800hgv-b and dlink dir 628

+1 exactly I've done that it works fine
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Re: Separate wifi network 3800hgv-b and dlink dir 628

Sorry for taking so long to respond. Life got in the way. You are right I do not want to lose the wireless capabilities of the Uverse gateway. I want the gateway to be the network my family uses while the second router, the dlink, is used for studies. The problem when connecting from the LAN port from the Uverse gateway to the WAN (internet) port on the dlink is that if anyone connects to the dlink router they have access to the Uverse router page. But if I am on the family network I cannot access the Uverse router page even though I am connected to the Uverse router wirelessly. Any suggestions?

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