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Second router for Usb port?


Second router for Usb port?

I have the 2wire, and I have a belkin nb600. The nb600 has a usb port that I would like to use for our home printer.

We all use laptops, and hooking the printer up to one works, but we obviously frequently move the laptops depending on where we are.


I would like to hook the NB600 up to the printer permenantly so all laptops on our network can access it all the time.

Do I set this up as an access point, or something else? I have found plenty of instructions online for various things but I am unsure of this is an access point, switch, bridge, etc. The right terminology for what I want is lost on me.




edit for clarification:

I would like to not have the belkin plugged into the RG. I would like it to be upstairs, in a closet with the printers.

My belkin DOES have an option for "Use as access point" but I am unsure if I need to use this option.



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Re: Second router for Usb port?

Yes.  You want to set it up as a wireless access point.  You will need to hard wire it to your RG though.  You could run the CAT5 through the attic and do a cable drop into the closet and to where the RG is located.  That would be the most asthetically pleasing solution.  I'm guessing your printers don't have wireless connections?

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Re: Second router for Usb port?

Neither of my printers are wireless, unfortunately. At the time, I had a PC that they were hooked up to, but when it died, I couldn't see a reason to replace it, and just hooked them up through the nb600. 


I may just relocate the modem and printers elsewhere, because I am not looking forward to going through my attic.


Thanks for the help Smiley Happy

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