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STOLEN MONEY by AT&T for Services NOT rendered


STOLEN MONEY by AT&T for Services NOT rendered

To whom can help us get the money stolen out of our account by AT&T,

2011-2012 we lived in Troy, MI and had a DSL account which we were happy with based on service from AT&T and performance of the equipment.

At the end of April 2012 we moved to Auburn Hills, MI and wanted to keep our loyalty to AT&T so we called your company to have our service switched to the new address. Unfortunately this was not possible because DSL was not available in our area according to your employee. We were told we needed to upgrade to Uverse internet to continue service with AT&T which would cost us $10-$15 more a month, and because we were staying loyal to AT&T we would not be charged to switch out of our DSL contract early. We agreed that was ok since up until then we had no issues with AT&T. Then it all went down hill.

1. The 1st associate who told us we had to upgrade to Uverse explained to us that because DSL and Uverse were different services we would need to create a whole new Uverse account. We said that was fine as long as our DSL account was closed, canceled and we were not penalized to start a new contract. The incompetent associate assured us she would cancel the DSL account after she created our Uverse account. She never asked for our bank account info, names, social security number or any personal information besides our new address, which can only mean she transferred all the data from the DSL account knowing she was creating a new account and had to close the old one. Once she got that info she again assured us our DSL account would be closed because we insisted on asking one more time to make sure.

2. One week went by and we did not receive our installation kit for Uverse so I had to call AT&T to see what the issue was. The new associate told us it was mailed to the correct building but the wrong apartment number. The associate said she would ship out a new installation kit that day but if we found our previously mailed kit in our complex then to just go ahead and use that. I asked what apartment number they shipped it to and when told I walked over to my neighbors and asked if they had our package. They in fact did and as told by your AT&T employee I tried to set up the system in our apartment. It did not work so I waited for the new kit.

3. A few days passed and a new kit came. I tried to install it, your tech support tried to help me with it and to no avail it would not set up in our apartment. I was connected back to an account associate who informed me that even though the new installation kit was sent to our correct address, the previous associate had not changed the address of where service should be activated. The new associate informed us that they would change that in the system to fix our issue and also send out a tech at no cost for all the hassle AT&T had caused us. I said I did not want a tech to come out if I was going to be charged for it. The employee assured me it would be at no cost because AT&T had so severely messed up the past few weeks.

4. A tech from your company came out and spent more than an hour trying to figure out how to install the unit. After many failed attempts he called AT&T to see if they could help and yet again we found out the address of service activation had STILL not been changed. After your employee got off the phone it took him less than 10mins to set it up. He set up the unit no problem and apologized that the address was not updated even though we were told it was. He then mentioned that no charge was issued for this trip and left. He did not have me sign any paperwork and did not leave any paperwork with us of what he had done.

5. A few weeks go by and we get our first bill from AT&T. The bill was for over $300!!!!!! Could you believe your company charged me for 2 installation kits, 2 activation charges AND for the tech to come to my home (none of which I asked for or made the mistake on my end)!!! I could not believe that every word every associate said to me was a complete lie! We had to repetitively call your company and fight and argue with the most incompetent "managers" "supervisors" and rude associates until we were given enough "credits" to cover the mistakes on the bill. We asked to have a refund because the issue wasn't our fault and we were not asking for credits, we were asking for our money back since we were lied to. But the "manager" insisted she could not give a refund and "HAD TO" give us credits which would show up on a future bill. We were so fed up with your employees "customer service" skills that we finally agreed to the credits just to fix our account on behave of your companies errors.

6. Now after that we still had bad connectivity issues for a year,slow service, and just over all a bad taste in our mouth from your company's lack of acknowledgment and personal people skills.

7. 1 year later in May of 2013 we realized AT&T was pulling money out of our account 2 times a month. That alarmed us and we checked into it with our bank. Lo and behold the first associate from your  company who had initially helped us with the switch from DSL to Uverse had NEVER canceled our DSL account like they had "assured" us! So for almost 1 whole year your untruthful and unprofessional company STOLE a total of $461 from our bank account for services not rendered. And even when we called to confront your ill trained associates and managers about it, we were told it was OUR FAULT. It took several calls and an unfathomable amount of annoying "transfers" to different departments to finally get a "competent associate" who realized the awful error on AT&Ts part and let us know he would be sending a check to us in the amount of $461.

8. A month went by and we received no check and had to deal with your obnoxiously rude associates again. The first round of calls all the "managers" said we already had gotten over $200 in credits on our account and that we were not allowed anymore credits. Even after explaining to them that, A. We were not talking about our Uverse account and that the check was for our DSL account, B. The check was not for a credit it was for money stolen out of our account and C. The "credits" on our Uverse account were not actual credits, they were issued due to your mistake on our bill for yet again taking money that was not owed to your company. After several rounds of calls a semi empathetic employee informed us the check was sent to the Troy, MI address. Huh that seems odd doesn't it since the whole issue with your comp at having to issue this check is due to the fact that you never cancelled the account in Troy where we no longer lived. But I guess stupidity runs in your company and of course to them the logical thing to do is send a check to an old address on an old account that was supposed to be closed but wasn't because your associates have no clue what they are doing.

9. Weeks later still waiting for a check we had to call back and was told AGAIN the check was sent to the wrong address. Now listen...I understand a computer is more than likely generating the check to be issued and the address on the account is our old address, but at some point shouldn't someone be bright enough to realize that this might occur and steps should be taken to prevent it? Or do all your associates run off a script and not based off incoming information!?!?

10. It is now October, well over half a year that we have been trying to get your company to mail a single check to an apartment where we have service with you. Is it that hard? How is it that not 1, not 2 not 3 but 4,5,6,7....who knows how many checks, have been sent to either the wrong address or more currently to a fictitious address that isn't on either our old DSL account or our current Uverse account. It's mind boggling to think a company has that many inept employees being paid to do nothing but ruin the companies image and validity.

Today is October 14, 2013 and in the past 3 weeks a check has (supposedly) been sent out but to the wrong address, that very same check has been canceled (but never reissued) and every time we call we get another story and the same rude absurd customer service that makes me hate your company more than anything on this planet. We have been laughed at, hung up on, transferred to departments we shouldn't have been transferred to, put on hold for hours at a time, lied to about having "managers" call us back "within an hour" after having our cell phone number taken down by your associates and worst of all your ENTIRE company has been rude, unapologetic and untruthful to us besides an associate named Erica whom I spoke to on Oct 11th, and associates Vandoria, Jamie and William whom we spoke to in September.

We need a check for $461 sent to:
Gregory Smith
{Personal content removed for your safety}
And we need it expedited overnight as we were told it would be done on Oct 11th but still has not been processed.
Uverse account: {Personal content removed for your safety}
DSL account: {Personal content removed for your safety}

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ACE - Master

Re: STOLEN MONEY by AT&T for Services NOT rendered

What a nightmare!!  I would recommend that you send a Private Message to the AT&TCustomerCare customer service team. They will reply back with a PM (blue envelope in the top right of the page). Their normal business hours are from 7am to 10pm Central Time.  Give them a brief discription of why your contacting them, along with good contact info for you and they will resolve this for you.

"If you find this post helpful and it solved your issue please mark it as a solution.  This will help other forum members locate it and will also let everyone know that it corrected your problem. If they have the same issue they will know how to solve theirs"

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Re: STOLEN MONEY by AT&T for Services NOT rendered

Thanks  BeeBeeSA I have private messaged the AT&TCustomerCare team, just waiting on a reply! Thank you for the help!

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Community Manager

Re: STOLEN MONEY by AT&T for Services NOT rendered

Hello, desaise2!


I'm so sorry to hear about your experience with DSL and U-verse. The DSL account should have been closed at the time of your U-verse transition, and I know how frustrated you must be.


As BeeBeeSA suggested, the most effective solution would be to message ATTCustomerCare, which you've done. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope in the top right corner of your screen.


In the meantime, please let me know if there's anything else we can do to help!



Employee Contributor*
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Re: STOLEN MONEY by AT&T for Services NOT rendered

Due to the hassle we have been put through from your company an associate told us we would recieve 3 seperate credits equalling $241.
a 1 $100 credit
a 2nd $100 credit
and a 3rd $41 credit

So far we have recieved:
1 $100 and
1 $41 credit
But have not seen the 2nd $100 credit. Although when we call they say that all 3 credits have been applied and when I ask to show me which bill the 2nd $100 credit has been applied to, no one can show me.


On top of that, a VERY rude, unapologetic and harsh mannered "manager" whom I spoke to on Oct 3rd told me "You should be happy with the $461 credits you have received for your mistake of not closing your own account, I'll transfer you to billing so they can tell you if a check has been sent out" and then she procceeded to hang up on me when I tried to explain to her that the $461 check of which I have yet to recieve is not a credit. Once transfered the new associate told me no more credits can be given out on our account because that manager put a note saying not to give anymore credits to us.


We called again and spoke to a Vandoria who said the same thing to us, that basically a block had been put on our account to not give anymore credits eventhough the initial $100 credit never came through.


So if you can actually help, I want that $100 credit.

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Re: STOLEN MONEY by AT&T for Services NOT rendered

I had something similar happen to me. There was a problem with my DSL account and for them to fix it they had to close my account and reopen a new one. Somehow when this happened I was then given a business account and was charged 50 bucks a month instead of 14.95.  I called and they supposedly canceled the DSL account after argueing with me that i ordered a business account even though I lived in an apartment.  I then started using a personal account only to start receiving bills for both accounts.  I called had the business account canceled again only to once again start receiving bills for both accounts.  This was ongoing for over a year and I had to cancel this account 2 more times until I finally quit getting bills for it.  Ridiculous typical ATT experience.

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Re: STOLEN MONEY by AT&T for Services NOT rendered

Update: I recieved many emails stating the company was "so sorry for the inconvience" and that the issue has been "escalated". I also received an email stating someone would contact us in 72 hours to discuss the issue but instead I have only received a voicemail from someone at AT&T who literally said" "We don't know why you have not recieved your check yet but we will look into it" and left no call back number or way to reach them to dicuss the issue.


Same old story I have heard for the past 6 months. No one seems to know whats going on but they sure are "sorry for the inconvenicence" and also eventhough we have not EVER missed a payment on our account even through this terrbile debacle, our internet magically wont work properly.


So I am now paying for absolutley terrible internet service and horrific customer service to a company who cannot seem to figure out how to send a check to an address on our account. Funny they can send the bill every month.
It's just laughable at this point of how bad this comapny is run. We have already switched our cell phone plan to another carrier just due to the fact that I do not want AT&T to have another dime of my money and we have also had our family cancel their Uverse cable/internet/home phone packages and switch to another carrier so none of us ever have to deal with this incompetant company ever again. I rather pay 3 times what I pay at AT&T then ever use them again.

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