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SSID changed by itself


SSID changed by itself

Sometime overnight two days ago my SSID went from being att472 to moto7888 by itself and the page I get when I put my IP address is a Motorola diagnostic page rather than the att uverse diagnostics page, also all the lights are green except for the service light which stays solid red. Why did this happen and how can I get things back to normal. Also I called customer service and I was told a technician would come in seven days to check the line and the modem but if the fault is at my end I have to pay. 

Most of this text was copied from another post with the exact same problem. Im waiting for a reply from the original poster to learn how his issue was resolved.

I think this is more than a coincedence and want to get the word out. Look up Motorola NVG510 changed SSID on its own.

Any help in solving this issue would be appreciated.

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Re: SSID changed by itself



Because the service light is going red, it appears that your U-verse service is going out and your computer is connecting to another network to obtain internet connection, in this case a Motorola router. If you do not want it to do this, you can go into your wireless options and change a few settings so it does not automatically connect to any open networks. But with the issue with your U-verse service, we definitely want to get that fixed for you, and we will be reaching out to you to get this fixed.



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