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SMTP email fix - despite many inept AT&T support calls

SMTP email fix - despite many inept AT&T support calls

I woke up today only to find that my iPhone, iPad, and 2 personal computers all stopped being able to send email.  All of these devices send email using a domain level email address (not a gmail, yahoo, etc...)


Since 2009 I have been using without an issue.   I had MANY frustrating calls to AT&T's inept and robotic technical service who could tell you the difference between SMTP server setting and the on/off switch on the dishwasher.  On each call I was told there was something wrong with my computer and I would need to use their paid ConnectTech service.  I kept saying that all 4 devices didnt break at the same time and that made no sense.  I insisted there must be some other trigger somewhere on an AT&T server that would cause this.  I continued to ask to validate if everything on my account setup looked ok, setting ok, etc...


As a last ditch attempt, I decided I would reset / change my AT&T email password.  For those of you that use the AT&T SMTP server, you would know that your AT&T primary email address and password is the username/pwd for the outgoing server setting.  


Presto chango - emails are being sent again.  So if your SMTP settings stop working magically in the middle of the night and you didnt do a darn thing I would recommend the following...

1) change your outgoing SMTP server setting out   (continue to use port 465 and SSL).  While this should not be necessary, AT&T will probably stop suppporting the old name eventually so may as well change this now.  Just changing this alone didnt fix my problem though.


2) go to the ATT.NET webmail application, logon to your emial for the primary account holders email address, change your password


3) use this new password for your home devices and retest


Good luck!!

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Re: SMTP email fix - despite many inept AT&T support calls

The fastest and easiest way is to log-in to the u-verse the troubleshooter, and simply answer the prompts. In most cases, you're done in a couple clicks!

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