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Running fiber to my house


Running fiber to my house

Does AT&T offer any kind of fiber running to homes? If so, how much would it cost or is there some kind of contract to sign up for for a few years and you will do it for free? 3mb/s DSL isn't cutting it anymore and need something faster. U-verse internet is now offerd, but at a very dissapointing 786kb/s. It would be in Mulvane, Kansas.

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Re: Running fiber to my house

You would need to move to a community that is currently setup for fiber to the premise, these are normally newer (within 5 years) that could include new apartment buildings, condos, or housing developments. As a general rule once an area has service on to the next.

Project Lighspeed was original build out in selected markets ended n 2012. Currently Project VIP is expanding service both to new and fill in gap areas. Completion is scheduled end of 2015, at which time 75% of footprint will have some form of Uverse, but speeds availability will differ.

For others an option may be

Uverse future builds are not announced in advance, but one indicator is increase hiring activity.
Check ATT jobs in your area for Premise Technician or Wire Technician in SouthEast US.
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