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Rugby League World Cup on beIN


Rugby League World Cup on beIN

The rugby league world cup is on beIN but not on ATT U verse beIN channels, what's up with that, how can I get the channel that the games are on.

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Re: Rugby League World Cup on beIN

It looks like Setanta has the rights in North America, and I don't think Setanta broadcasts into the USA any more.  Even when it did, I don't remember U-Verse ever carrying it.  BeIn appears to have the rights only in France.


Unfortunately, Rugby League isn't nearly as popular as Rugby Union in the USA, so NBC (which covered the Rugby Union World Cup) probably feels that it's not worth covering - and ESPN, Fox Sports, and CBS Sports probably feel the same way.  Somebody might show the final, but we'll probably have to wait until just before November 30 to find out who and when.


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Re: Rugby League World Cup on beIN

It's on the beIN channels in France, not the U.S.

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