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Rudeness, and lies, and credit limits, oh my!


Rudeness, and lies, and credit limits, oh my!

Okay, apparently there's no limit on how many times AT&T can screw up somebody's account, but there is a limit on how many times they can keep their word and fix it! Over the course of months, I have had a lot of complaints about AT&T. I have gotten several credits on my account in the amount of months of free service due to the fact that when they pulled up the service history on my account, they can look at whether your service is up or down or how many times it goes up and down, and they were showing that we were averaging outages in our home at about every 20 minutes. Those outages would last anywhere from five minutes to an hour and a half. We had service that was down more than it was up, and they would have to give us a month of free service for the service that we weren't getting. This happened for several months until they finally mostly fixed the problem. This made sense because I would have been paying for service that was nonexistent at that point. I don't consider these credits, and I don't consider these any kind of thing that I was entitled to, to be nice on AT&T's part, this was something that should not have been counted against my account because of the fact that I was not getting service. When I had the initial internet service set up, I was told that that also included installation of a jack. When they came to install the service, including the jack, I was told that on top of all of the other fees that I had already paid to get service started here, I would have to pay $99 to have that jack installed. That is another credit that they counted against my account because I was told something that they say is not true. They say that if you start service, it is up to you to pay for the installation of a jack. Basically, you can get service set up, but if you want it to actually work in your house, it's going to cost you an additional $99 on top of all of the setup fees because according to AT&T, a Jack is not included in your installation. Because I was told that it was included in the new customer package, they were forced to honor it, but again, credited my account rather than just not charging me, which counted against the credit limit available on my account. According to the representative, Nina in San Diego, who I spoke with on Saturday, there is a limit as to how many times they can credit your account, regardless of how many times AT&T screws up your account! It doesn't matter if the credits are due to negligence on their part! My fiancé took an at-home tech-support position with a company who shall remain nameless. For this, we needed to either have a landline phone, or as we found out later, a U-verse phone. We set up a landline phone to be installed, because we've been using voice over IP which is not okay with his company. They want everybody's information to be as secure as possible, and there's too much chance For data leakage with a voice over IP phone. Also, we had to move our Internet service from the living room to our home office because data is not allowed to be transmitted via Wi-Fi either, because again, the company wants everybody's information, including any information that's pulled up when accessing warranty information to be as secure as possible for the privacy and protection of the consumer. The phone was supposed to be set up three weeks ago this coming Monday, and we had some Internet problems, so we had a tech come out that day. When he came out, he had to change the outside box because it had been fried. When he hooked up the new one, he told us that there was no dialtone going to the outside box, which was why we had no dialtone inside the house, which meant that the install had never been done. The install was supposed to have been done before 6:00 PM, and he left closer to 7 PM. When I called on Tuesday, I was told that it had been completed and there was nothing they could do. When I explained that a tech had told me that it hadn't been done, they told me that I had to wait until the next day for a technician to come out and assess it. This means, I wouldn't have had a phone for two days after the date of my install. Meanwhile, I had found out that U-Verse was acceptable to the company, so tried to change my install which hadn't been completed to U-verse. They told me that they couldn't do this yet because my assigned landline phone number was not in the system. I paid all the fees to get the phone that I never got hooked up, hooked up, and was treated like a problem to them. When I was finally able to change it over to U-Verse, I was told that I would have to pay nothing but I would have to wait until Friday of the following week to have service installed. Even when I reminded them that I needed to move it from my living room to my home office, I was told again, there would be no additional charge. I was told that I would not have to pay any hookup fees Because I had already paid them for the landline phone, and it was the same cost for U-verse, so those fees that I had already paid would transfer over, nor would I have to pay to have the line moved, for my trouble. Meanwhile, they kept sticking to their story that the line had been hooked up, and on that front, I was still treated like a problem. I started getting emails saying that there was a problem with my U-Verse order. When I got the first email, I was told that there was no problem, and to just ignore it. When I got a second one two days later, two weeks ago tomorrow, I was told that there was a problem porting the number over because there was still a pending order for the landline phone service and they needed to get my permission to have landline cancel the order and release the number so that it could be ported over to the U-Verse department. When I asked the representative whether the order would still be in pending status if it had been hooked up and completed, I was told no. This means that they have been lying to me the whole time, and they were aware that the phone had never actually been set up. The last few times that I needed a technician to come out, my appointment time has been set, and I have either gotten a call from the tech saying that they were running about two hours late, a call from the automated system saying they were running about two hours late, or simply no call at all, and in one case, no call, no show! In that case, it wasn't the install, but a repair appointment. Last Friday, when the technician showed up, He didn't have the fact that the phoneline needed to be moved to the home office in his orders, therefore he didn't have the notes that he wasn't supposed to charge me. This means, he had to charge me, and when I called on Saturday, I was told that I would have to pay for it because I had exceeded my number of credits allowed on my account. When I explained why there were so many credits applied too my account, Nina became very rude, yelled at me, and told me that there was nothing she could do but have her manager call me either that day or Monday. Anytime I've been told that AT&T's managers will call me, this never happens, and so far, I'm still waiting! On top of all that, the tech was supposed to leave the battery backup for the phone system, I verified this when he showed up, and he said that he would leave it before he left. He left without giving it to us, so when I explained this to Nina, I was told very rudely that one would be shipped to me. This means, if we have a power outage, My U-verse service will not be working as it is supposed to, putting My fiancé's job in danger! I got a call from the tech telling me that he would bring the battery backup to me if he had a call in my area, or if it wasn't too busy that day, and he did bring it that day. Because I know the tech, I was willing to wait until Monday afternoon if need be. My fiancé started training on Monday, but on the phone on Tuesday, so we needed the battery backup by then. I have never had a carryover balance on my bill, I've never been behind on my bill, I've never had any billing problems other than issues that didn't involve needing a credit from AT&T for service that I wasn't getting Or things that I wasn't supposed to have been charged for in the first place, on my account. I make sure that this doesn't happen by having auto pay set up, but I'm treated like somebody who doesn't pay their bill!
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Re: Rudeness, and lies, and credit limits, oh my!

Hello Mom24monsters, thank you for posting here and welcome to the forum.


I'm sorry you had so many issues with our services. I know how frustrating it can get and I want to see if there is anything our team can do for you. Because it's account specific, please send us a private message by clicking here with your name, phone number and the best time you can be reached. One of our amazing managers will contact you within 2 business days!


Thanks again,


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