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Robust Site to Site VPN Possible???


Robust Site to Site VPN Possible???

Site to Site VPN


I am attempting to set up a site-to-site VPN with one terminus behind a UVERSE 3801hgv.  I want full routing capabilities between the source and destination LANs.  Nearest I can tell, this would require allowing BOTH the secondary network feature (static IP blocks) AND the cascaded router feature to work together at the same time.  However, the secondary network feature and cascaded router feature are an either/or proposition.  


Yes, I have bought a block of 8 static IPs.  Banging my head against the wall!  How about the ability to assign a simple static route on the 3801hgv?  2WIRE documentation shows it is there, but ATT has disabled the feature.  Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Re: Robust Site to Site VPN Possible???

The cascaded router feature is essentially a static route insertion. If you want to use the static IP addresses on the LAN side of your router, use cascaded router. If you want one of the static IP addresses on the WAN interface of your router (with private address space on the LAN side), then use the secondary network feature.

Either way will allow you to create a VPN tunnel if your router is properly configured.
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Re: Robust Site to Site VPN Possible???

Although for this to be possible, you will need a cascaded router. With the cascaded router, your secondary network would be able to use the features from the router to work simultaneously.

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