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Reward Cards stolen in transit, AT&T says they are not liable!


Reward Cards stolen in transit, AT&T says they are not liable!

I had 2 reward cards, $100 & $25, coming our way for signing up for U-verse for a year. I activated the rewards on 11/8 and received email saying the cards will be mailed 12/21/12(estimated). We were expecting them by the year end, but they never showed up.


Now, I find out the cards were mailed on 11/28, activated on 12/3, and used on 12/5 all over town. I tried calling the Reward Center at 800-288-9983 for about a week all day and they never ever pick up. I finally got through by calling the Service Center at 800-288-2020 and being transferred.


To make the long story short, their position is since they put the cards in the mail to the correct address they are not liable for stolen cards. I talked to the supervisor, Rachel, and she kept repeating they are NOT LIABLE. I can understand if I received the cards and they are lost/stolen. But, they never came. Their advise: report it to the local authorities. There's nothing they can do about it. They won't even send me any information about the cards or transactions in writing to submit to the police. She said they'll provide it when they get a subpoena.


The cards were activated online with the last 4 digits of the account number, so some punk walking off with the cards from our mailbox wouldn't have that info since unless they sent some mail with the account number at the same time. We had e-bill from the beginning. This could very well be an inside job.


There is still a balance of about $17 on the cards, but they won't even give me that, because it costs $7 to reissue each card. They won't credit my account either, because they just do reward cards and don't have my account information. They could ask, no? This is just not how you treat your customers. Why not just give statement credit instead of this bizarre reward card nonsense.


Does anyone at AT&T care? I used to work at AT&T/Bell Labs for years and we were a proud bunch. I am in contact with headquarters, perhaps they care more. We'll see. What are my options?


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Re: Reward Cards stolen in transit, AT&T says they are not liable!

You can send a PM to AT&T Customer Care they are an escalation team.  Let them know what happened.  Watch the blue envelope on the forum page for message notification.  Because they will reply to you via PM as well.

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Re: Reward Cards stolen in transit, AT&T says they are not liable!

I don't know if this helps but I located this on the reward site:


My reward was lost. How do I get it replaced?
Please contact the AT&T Reward Center, whose contact number can be found on the Contact Us link. A reward center representative will assist you with investigating your claim.

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Re: Reward Cards stolen in transit, AT&T says they are not liable!

The number they give, 800-288-9983, rings and rings and rings, never picked up.

I got through by calling the service center number. They are the ones giving me the runaround. Totally useless!

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Re: Reward Cards stolen in transit, AT&T says they are not liable!

I contacted the escalation department as suggested, and they are much more reasonable to deal with. Unfortunately, the rewards department wouldn't hear it even from them. They simply refuse to do anything at all.


I understand that most of the thefts are probably committed by family members, but here we have an 88 year old lady living by herself, there was not even a computer or a smart phone in the house to activate the card online, and the purchases are from all over the area where we never shop at. They treated us like criminals, and that cannot be good for business.


The escalation department did what they could by reducing some charges, so we will make it up in about 2 years, so thank you. And shame on you, rewards department. Why do you need a rewards department? Simply credit the account and be done with the nonsense.

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Re: Reward Cards stolen in transit, AT&T says they are not liable!

Had the same thing happen to me but my rewards were $300 and $15. NOne of the cards arrived. What I find odd is that the only reward cards that have disappeared in the mail are ATT cards. I have recieved other rewards cards safely in the same mailbox during the same time period! I think it's an ATT inside job! ATT seems to hire the shadiest people


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Re: Reward Cards stolen in transit, AT&T says they are not liable!

Worst of all, the card center treats you like some criminal. They assume someone in the family used it, or perhaps you did it yourself and lying about it. It really makes you boil over, that's just not very good customer service.


It happened to me yet again, signed up for e-delivery, and the promised giftcard never came. I didn't really expect to get it. We have never had anything stolen from our mailbox or anywhere else. We had a UPS box sitting in front of the door for a week. They are leaking information to crooks for them to come pick off the mailboxes when the cards arrive or they're gettting diverted enroute.


Why they have to play the rebate game, I'll never know. What's wrong with billing credit?


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