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Reversing Router Behind Router setting on RG 2Wire 3800hgv-g


Reversing Router Behind Router setting on RG 2Wire 3800hgv-g

Hi all!


I was attempting to add my DIR-655 as a wireless router behind the RG.


Appears you can do it trough two ways:

1)- Event notification: Detect router behind router an then follow the wizard

2)- Manually: By going through the firewall settings and selecting the DIR-655 and adding it into the DMZzone.


I went the first route and think something screwed up.


I set the "router behind router" setting on. Surfed to a web page and received the configuration prompt. I then selected to configure and asked for the sys pwd which I entered. 


Here things went south. The page and connection went dead. I waited for the RG to reset but didn't so I did a cold boot.


Now when it boots my service light blinks green, then red, then dies. When I check system status it says Broadband connected but Internet is always in a connecting state. Appears to be a sync issue.


I've read possibly because router behind router puts the RG in "bridge" mode so it can no longer route (haven't plugged in the DIR-655 yet).


Wondering if the router behind router is causing issues and how can I reverse it out. Or is the sync issue is just a coincidence and need an on-site tech to check the modem?

















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Re: Reversing Router Behind Router setting on RG 2Wire 3800hgv-g

Router behind router, or double NAT is an ugly, ugly thing with any of the 2Wire RG's.  Whichever of the two devices, or possibly both, that you mucked around with the settings on, you should press the reset button on.  So grab a paper clip, find the little hidden hole (red circle around it on the 2Wire), carefully stick the business end of the paper clip inside, and slowly press down until it clicks.  Now hold it for about 20 seconds and release.  Your device will now be back at its factory state and you can give this a go again.


Now, as to why you're trying to stick another router behind the 2Wire, I'll guess that you're trying to make use of a faster wireless router.  Is this the case?  If so, then what you actually need to do is configure the secondary router as a Wireless Access Point instead of being a full blown router, and go from there.  You'll find some good forum posts around the web which will help you connect things properly.  If you're lucky and the moon is full on the second day of the solstice when Venus is rising in the House of Aquarius, and the Cubs win a World Series.  What will likely happen is that you'll get incredibly annoyed, frustrated, and discouraged trying to figure it all out and end up calling tech support for your router manufacturer.  Have PLENTY of time to spend on the phone withthem because it may be a while.  Just sayin'...


Of course if you can manage to wrangle one of the new NVG589's, then it's all incredibly easy and you'll be done in no time flat.  You might actually discover you either don't need to use the secondary router, or decide to use it as a Wireless Range Extender instead.  Smiley Wink


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Re: Reversing Router Behind Router setting on RG 2Wire 3800hgv-g


Right now stuck with the RG getting a "Gateway Authenticaton Failure. Please contact your service provider".

I did a complete reset on the RG and didn't fix the issue.

During startup Broadband blinks then goes solid. The Service keeps blinking, eventually going red and then completely dark.

Calling tech, seems there's a sync issue and requires an onsite tech (sigh).

Was thinking messing with the "router behind route" setting was the cause but the hard reset on the back of the modem clears it out so doesn't seem to be the authentication issue.

How do these authenticate? I don't see any user/pwd setup like with DSL is it purely based on the serial number of the RG?


First need to get the Internet back up and then can setup the DIR-655 as a wireless access point.

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Re: Reversing Router Behind Router setting on RG 2Wire 3800hgv-g

Okay had to get a tech out. First was the inside guy who thought it was a modem but then checked outside and it was the ONT (outside termination box for the fiber). Of course he can't do it so had to log another helper ticket and wait yet ANOTHER day.

The outside tech came back turns out it was not the ONT or Fiber bad but instead back to the VRAD point. Apparently, during another install my connection "got knocked off" so they had to plug it back in.

That solved my problem. They say it's very very rare -- so guess I'm lucky!

Now got Internet back up so going to setup my old DiR-655 as a wireless access point. Connect LAN2LAN and shut-off dhcp. It will serve wireless N an will keep the RG on serve wireless G.

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