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Restoral Charge


Restoral Charge

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While on a family vacation our credit card was stolen in June.  The card was canceled and reissued.  Up to that point I was on auto pay with the monthly charge automatically going to my credit card and I think I was going green with no paper bill.  I called and thought I had restored my auto pay in August but somehow the account kept charging the old card and the payment was reversed.  Instead of notifying me by phone or email the billing system kept moving and then disconnected our service with an abrupt one day warning while I was out of town on business.  I promptly paid the bill when I returned and verified with the operator that auto pay was again set back up.  I then received a $30 restoral charge on the next bill.


After talking with an operator to see if the charge could be dropped and being assured that there was absolutely nothing they could do because it was a legitimate change I asked to cancel my service.  (By the way the $30 is more than my monthly bill all together). I was then transferred to another operator and kept on hold for about $30 minutes who then had to ask his supervisor if he could reverse the charge which after another several minutes. In total I was on the phone for just over 50 minutes and the charge was dropped.


I am your perfect customer. I have a no prior disputes, a history of paperless billing, auto payment, and when contacted (not by mail) I immediately paid my full bill. Customers like me can be milked for years before an issue like this makes us reevaluate our services.


I also have a combined household income of just over $200,000 and bill out as an engineering consultant at $200-250 hour. Which further infuriates me because I just blew an hour fighting a $30 bogus charge, and another 30 minutes posting this comment.


If you had the great service to match the canned phrases I heard from both of your operators spout off there would be ample opportunity to get me hooked for more products in the future.


Unfortunately I have been very leery of ATT due to past experiences and this is the nail in the coffin. I am switching my service to Comcast and will never subscribe to an ATT product again if there is another option.

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Re: Restoral Charge

It's nice to know someone is making good money in this economy.  The first thing NOT TO DO is EVER use auto bill pay.  This is exactly what can happen.  Also if there are charges you don't agree with they are going to take your money and as you have found out is harder to recoup once it's on the other side (AT&T).  You should have used "paperless" billing.  They send you a notice via email with the amount, you click the link, log in, and select "pay bill".  A couple of more mouse clicks and your done.


Keep in mind ANY other provider would have done the same thing if you had auto bill pay so switching isn't going to prevent the same thing from occurring again if your card is compromised.....It will only change your frustration level if you switch......well until the new provider you choose does the same thing to you.

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