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Requesting U-Verse Service Be Pulled to My New Home


Requesting U-Verse Service Be Pulled to My New Home

Hi AT&T team,

My previous conversation was closed out for some reason so I could not respond,

First off thank you for baring with me. I have a proposition, Can you please pass this along to the area planners?

I found out today there is a VRAD at Oak Grove Ave and N Hall St.  That's literally a straight shot of 1,000 feet (google earth estimate) to my neighborhood on the same street. The AT&T Tech I spoke to thought it could easily reach 50Mbs based on his testing today, copper would just need run from it to my house over along the poles.. Certainly you've got capacity there? and running the copper wire should be 1,000 x cheaper than dropping a DSLAM..

Time warner has been out and I am in conversation with them, but they are estimating 3 weeks to pull cable. Your already at my dmark, cable has been pulled as of last week.

Why don't I just tell them to go pound sand and do business with you guys? I know my neighbors are itching to do the same.

Map for reference:,-96.795924&sspn=0.00...



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Re: Requesting U-Verse Service Be Pulled to My New Home

Hello bobinthehood, thank you for your continued interest in U-verse services. I have submitted this request to our National Address Validation Team again with the information you provided. There are a few other factors that will need to be researched before determining a cable can be run from this VRAD to your location. These VRADs have a capacity that can service a set number of homes. If this VRAD is already exhausted and the existing cables that service it are running in an opposite direction there may be a need to add more equipment in the field. I will send you a private message with the decision the Address Validation Team provides me with. Smiley Happy

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Re: Requesting U-Verse Service Be Pulled to My New Home

Thank you!


On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 9:34 AM, Community Mailer

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