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Repeatedly Lied to by Support - Corporate Reporting?

Repeatedly Lied to by Support - Corporate Reporting?

I've been a Uverse customer for about a year.


In that year, my service has gone out 6 times, so roughly once every other month.  Outages have varied from 3-48 hrs.


My wife and I both work online and out of our house.  I bill hourly.  Every hour our service is down is an hour I can't bill, and an hour my clients get more frustrated.


Every time my service goes down I call support.  I will attempt to detail here the ludicrous interactions I've had with your support team in my first 12 months as a customer:


  • At least 3-4 times I've been asked to hang up and wait for a call back with more information on an issue, and only 1 of those times did a call back ever come
  • On at least one occassion, after nearly 90 minutes on a call, I was put on "hold" but actually hung up on.  After calling back in and waiting 15 minutes to speak to a new rep, they could find no record of my 90 minute conversation.  Started over again.
  • Each time our service is down, I'm told there's an outage.  However, more than once I've had one rep tell me there's an outage, only to call back an hour later for more details and have another rep tell me there is no outage in my area, and there has not been one.
  • At least one time when I was told there was an outage first, and later told there was not one, the second rep was able to repair my service over the phone.  The first rep clearly just defaulted to telling me we had an outage to avoid doing any work.
  • One rep, unable to give me any information on the outage, recommended that I go drive around my neighborhood looking for AT&T repair trucks, because the guys on the ground would have the best information.  Yes, that seriously happened.
  • After a 2 hr call cycle of being told I needed me service back by the end of the call or I wanted to cancel my service, one of your retention reps was somehow able to get my service restored before I canceled (this is after 2 hrs of being told there was nothing that could be done...if timing was a coincidence, it was a very unusual one)
  • After my 2 hr call where I nearly canceled service, I was given what the rep called a "VIP" number to a special support group since my service has gone out so often.  On my latest outage I attempted to use that number and it is no longer in service.  I feel taken care of.

I have never subscribed to a service of any kind as unreliable as Uverse has been in our first year.  Only one time out of all of the experiences above have I been offered any kind of a credit for my hours on the phone and hours without service.  Both of those are unbelievable enough.


What is the most unbelievable is the complete lack of professionalism consistently exibited by your phone support team.  I literally no longer trust a word that they tell me.  If they tell me there is an outage, I tell them that I've had others in the past tell me we have an outage seemingly to get out of actually looking into my problem (since it has been fixed later by another rep).  If they tell me they will call me back, I tell them that I've been promised call backs by 4+ reps in the past and only ever gotten one.  I will actually say "I don't believe you guys anymore when you promise call backs, so if you do call I will be shocked."


That leads to my latest outage, two nights ago.  This is the outage on which I tried to use my special support number, now disconnected.  After speaking with a rep and going through the standard "it's an outage" - "is it really an outage?" exchange, I was promised a call back one hour from the end of our call with more information on the problem and a possible ETA to fix.  I told this rep about my past call back experiences and asked "are you really going to call me in one hour?".  She said yes.  I requested her name and employee ID, which I have.  Not surprisingly, I received no call.  I have recieved no word back from this exchange, despite explicitly asking and being assured someone would follow-up.


So, for once I have a name and employee ID of the rep who lied to me, and I'd love to know what to do with it.  I've looked all over the site for a public feedback e-mail address, but could not find one.  So I decided to leave this here.  I'd love for one of the AT&T reps here to help out.


As a customer, I think you should offer great service and support.  If you're not going to offer great service (which an outage every 2 months is not), it's even more important to offer great support.  To date I've received neither, which means you're currently doing nothing well for me as a customer.


In case you're wondering why we just don't switch, we've tried.  You provide the only internet to our new neighborhood, and we both work from home and must have net.  We've called all of the other providers asking for a way out.  After this experience, we're calling them all and requesting to be put on the "notify" list when one of them moves into our neighborhood.


Technically you lost me as a customer about 6 months ago, you just don't know it yet since I can't switch.


Looking forward to hopefully getting some helpful support for a change.

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Re: Repeatedly Lied to by Support - Corporate Reporting?

The best thing about at&t is their TV ads, none of which can be believed, but they are fun to watch. It takes a lot of nerve to even identify themselves as a communications service provider while it is virtually impossible to communicate effectively with them.

On second thought, the best thing about at&t is that I am no longer associated with them. I do have one rarely used e-mail account that is associated with them which goes back to the days before they swallowed up bellsouth.
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Re: Repeatedly Lied to by Support - Corporate Reporting?

Since this is account specific I would recommend that you send a private message to the escalation team at ATT Customer Care and someone will get in touch with you. Please include your name, account number, email address, phone number and the best time to contact you. Their normal business hours are from 7am to 10pm Central Time. It may take up to 48 hours for them to respond and please take into account weekends when contacting them.  


Customer care is not the same as customer service. They are a dedicated escalation team that gets issues resolved when other means have failed.


To check for their reply, click the little blue envelope.

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Re: Repeatedly Lied to by Support - Corporate Reporting?

I'll send them the same info I posted here.

Additionally, it's really shocking that AT&T/Unverse doesn't offer a general corporate feedback mechanism.

At this specific moment, I"m not looking for help having a specific active issue resolved. I'm looking for a way to provide feedback that your support mechanism is functionally broken, and is actually losing you customers.

I also think someone should be notified of my specific experience where one of AT&T's agents lied to me, since that has happened routinely and it's a pretty fast way to lose all customer trust.

How is it possible that there is no place to send feedback? No one at AT&T is interested in hearing about customer's experiences? If they are, they definitely make it difficult to provide the feedback. Kind of explains why nothing changes.

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Re: Repeatedly Lied to by Support - Corporate Reporting?

Hello Bill Lumbergh


I'm very sorry for all the issues with your service, I understand how frustrating it can be when something as important as your Internet service is so unreliable. We have a team of amazing U-verse Specialists and one of them will contact you as soon as possible to help.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


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Re: Repeatedly Lied to by Support - Corporate Reporting?

I look forward to that contact and will update this thread with the results.

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Re: Repeatedly Lied to by Support - Corporate Reporting?

I got a reply from an AT&T Customer Support rep asking for more information, and have provided that information and requested a follow-up.


I'll continue updating this thread as things progress.


For what it's worth, my mail to Customer Support was answered in 24 hrs.  The answer has not resolved anything, but I did get a follow-up which is better than not.

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Re: Repeatedly Lied to by Support - Corporate Reporting?

Just to finalize this thread, I have been getting consistent replies from customer support via the message function here, but it appears there will be no real follow-up to speak of.


The end of our thread is the rep telling me he appreciates me bringing the mistakes to their attention, and that they will all be dealt with internally.  He cannot give me any more information about what that means, or why I should believe things will improve going forward.


The rep admitted that he understands why, given my history with Uverse, I would want to know exactly how these issues are being handled and why I should expect different results in the future, but they're all internal confidential matters on which he cannot give information.


This is not the first time I've been told poor service (both product and customer) is being addressed, so without any more information I'll remain skeptical.


I also mentioned that I have not been offered compensation for my frequent frustrating experiences with their product and service by anyone I've spoken with, and the rep told me he understands why that is upsetting.  But still did not offer any compensation.


AT&T is willing to own that they have failed me as a customer, right up until the point where they have to suffer monetarily for it.  They're sorry, but not that sorry.


Sooner or later a new provider will move into this neighborhood and I'll finally have a choice about my service.  Unless AT&T finds away to outrageously impress me between now and then, that will be the end of this.


What's sad is that I'm a very happy AT&T cell customer for 5+ years, but this whole experience is tainting my view of the company and making me not want to be a customer of any kind, regardless of the service that is failing.  At the end of the day, I'm starting to feel like I'd be happier sending my money anywhere else.

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