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Remote Call Forwarding


Remote Call Forwarding

I've just recently had Uverse installed.  Previously I had remote call forwarding where I could begin forwarding calls from my home phone remotely... for example, with my cell phone, by dialing an access number and providing my access code.  Is this also available with Uverse?  I can't find information on the service on line or via the chat help line.

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Re: Remote Call Forwarding

As far as I know, the ability to set up call forwarding remotely by calling an access number does not exist.  You can either setup call forwarding from your home phone or over the internet.  I believe the remote access number is only used for checking voice mail.


One option that you might consider is using the Locate Me feature so that whenever a call comes into your home phone your cell phone will ring at the same time.


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Re: Remote Call Forwarding

Me too! On phone for an hour. Waiting now over 40 mins for supervisor callback. Seems they have no idea what remote access directory number is.

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