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Recorded TV list unavailable


Recorded TV list unavailable

Hi. My recorded tv list isn't working.


WHen i go on the recorded tv listing, it says


"The Recorded TV list is unavailable.

Make Sure this TV receiver and the DVR receiver are connected to the network."


I'm still able to record programs, im just not able to watch them because the REcorded tv list doesnt work. 


THe recorded Tv list works on the tv, in the living room, which is the main receiver, and on all the other 3 receivers we have around the house. Out of all 5 only one isnt working.


THe Receiver hadnt been moved nor any cables had been diconnected/moved, for it to stop working, it just happened.


Ive already turned the receiver off. and i have also unplugged the receiever and have left it unplugged for an hour, but still no luck.  


Is there anything else i can do, because its only one receiver that isnt working so i dont think it has to do with the main receiver, since all the other ones are working.


thank you!



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Re: Recorded TV list unavailable

Make sure the Uverse connection to that STB is tight, sometimes coax connections (assuming coax

install) will loosen up over time.  I'd do a hard reboot by unplugging power on the DVR for 30 seconds

and plug back in. This will redownload all the programming and should not erase any recordings.

This fixes many DVR problems and hopefully will bring back the recording list on that STB.  Good

luck :smileywink:



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Re: Recorded TV list unavailable

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Re: Recorded TV list unavailable

what's a stb and an rg?


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Re: Recorded TV list unavailable

Set Top Box aka receiver & Residential Gateway aka modem
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Re: Recorded TV list unavailable

Thanks, Sue
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Re: Recorded TV list unavailable

I am also having this issue and have reset both the RG and the STB.  Still have the issue.  Any other suggestions?

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Re: Recorded TV list unavailable

Which RG (3800, 3801, 3812 with i38hg, 589)? And which receiver (wired or wireless).

I am aware of any issue with inid installs (3812 with i38hg indoor units) and wireless receiver(s).
A softwareupdate in late August 2013, early September 2013 (aroynd Labor Day weekend) resulted in wireless receiver have access to live TV but no dvr functions. This is only solved by replacing inid, i38hg, and power supply Battery Backup Unit (BBU) with the newer 589 RG.

For all other types of install, unplug everything, perform a factory reset of RG, using reset button on back of RG, depress while applying power
After 10 minutes, plug in DVR, after another 10 minutes plug in receivers,wait another 10 minutes, test.
This process rebuilds the device list and how connect in the gateway.
If moving any unit to a different wiring type, example from coax to Ethernet, required.

Note, this will restore the RG to factory defaults, including any custom setup such as name or password.
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Re: Recorded TV list unavailable

If your install is coax, make sure all of the connections on your RG and STBs are tight.  I have seen this issue when that is the case.

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