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Recorded TV list is unavailable.


Recorded TV list is unavailable.

Hi. My recorded tv list isn't working.


WHen i go on the recorded tv listing, it says


"The Recorded TV list is unavailable.

Make Sure this TV receiver and the DVR receiver are connected to the network."



THe Receiver hadnt been moved nor any cables had been diconnected/moved, for it to stop working, it just happened.


Ive already turned the receiver off. and i have also unplugged the receiever and have left it unplugged for an hour, but still no luck.  

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ACE - Expert

Re: Recorded TV list is unavailable.

mateo71 - Make sure all connections are tight. Best if DVR is connected to RG via cat5.
Do a whole house reboot -
Pull power on RG, DVR, STBs
Restore RG - wait for all green
Restore DVR wait for programming to play
Restore STBs
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Re: Recorded TV list is unavailable.

Mateo, I had this problem on and off for weeks. I'd restart the DVR and all would be well for a few hours and programs always recorded when they were supposed to, but communications to the other STB's were not reliable. I ultimately had to replace the DVR. No idea why, but after replacing the DVR, the problem went away.

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Re: Recorded TV list is unavailable.

Hi - just had to agree with you - This just happened to me for the 6th time since May of 2011 - I've had to replace my dvr 5 times - att can't tell me why this happens - I'm so sick and tired of losing all my programs - wish somebody could figure it out - I've also done all the resets, repluggings, unhooked wires, etc......waited for so and so minutes till hooking up again, ufix apps, troubleshooting apps, resolving tools, and on and on and on........ and to top it off, I'm paying for unused hours - the cost of my bill each month is close to $200.00 a month - I'm living on ss disability pay from month to month - I pay it because I'm a shut-in and it's my only way of hearing another voice each day - just wanted to put in my 2 cents - mmc

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