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Re: Soon to be former AT&T Customer - Make sure U-Verse is available in your area before orderin


Re: Soon to be former AT&T Customer - Make sure U-Verse is available in your area before orderin

formerATnTsoon wrote:

I currently have Bellsouth DSL and phone service. I know AT&T bought out Bellsouth so I deal with them mainly when I pay my bill nowadays. Generally happy with it. So I was excited when a salesperson came to my door and said U-Verse was available in my area.


Higher Internet bandwidth, TV service and digital telephone all wrapped up into one nice package? Sign me up. So I started the process, and the salesperson assured me it was available in my area and was brand spanking new(hence them knocking on doors). I call in the order and the person on the phone says it actually is not yet available...


Huh? I say...


However, they can send someone out to investigate the situation as the service may be so brand new in my area that their systems haven't been updated yet(first of many problems guys but get this part straightened out). I say ok let's do this investigation. Three days later I get a call back with great news that they looked into it, and it's available after all. Big sigh of relief and I say send them out. So I was supposed to have someone come by today between 11AM and 1PM.


Someone knocks at my door at 10AM. He's here to check the line to make sure everything is ok before they send out the crew for the inside of the house. He does his test and says something is wrong with the line. He does say though that he'd send someone out with better equipment to check on it. I get a call that someone else is on his way over to do their repairs. It's about 10:30 AM at this time.


So I wait...till 6pm with absolutely no call or knock on my door. Mind you between 11 and 1 I was promised. So I had enough and called in to investigate what the heck was going on. After like 15 mins on hold the operator informs me that it appears the engineer who did a line test saw that I was too far away(4200 feet apparently) from the box. No one bothered to tell me all day. No one called. No one in this entire process I guess realized that hey maybe service is still not available in my area. I basically wasted multiple hours on the phone that I'll never get back.


Now I don't really see a reason for me to stay with ATT/Bellsouth in any capacity. Why should I not go over to Comcast which can provide all those services at a comparable cost? They basically lied to me multiple times. I almost wish the salesperson never showed up at my door.


So some notes to AT&T:

1) If you are selling AT&T U-Verse to people please make sure that it is ACTUALLY available for them. Wasting time may seem irrelevant to you guys, but it costs consumers money. It's an easy thing to do guys. You had me at hello. I would've been paying you a lot more money per month for this superior service. Now it's all taken away, and all because you didn't make sure it was even available to sell.

2) Whenever anyone calls in to your hotlines for help. Make sure you verify their location. I spoke with no less than a dozen different people from the west coast to the northeast to the midwest and back to florida. I give my question and basically when they realize they can't answer it or want to pass me on they end up sending me to another number. And it has to be the florida number or I couldn't be helped. Which leads to note:

   -2a: If you Transfer someone to the "appropriate region", transfer them to that region. Not some other region where you get the    

    region speech again. This is what we like to all wasting time.

3) Don't lie to your customers. Do your homework before you sell. Self explanatory.


Basically looking at getting Comcast at this point. I would've normally been happy to stay with my DSL/phone service with your company, but you have seriously disappointed me.


Learn to treat your customers better.

Hi- Noticed you have a similar problem. I put my question on the forum but doubt I'll get a reply that makes sense. I have the so calledv U-Verse Internet "high-speed" service(?). Supposed to have 10 megs per second, but I can't see the difference in speed . My email service response time is slow as are many internet pages I connect with. When I subscribed last Spring I was told since the service was recently added that it would "take awhile" for them to build enough subscribers to U-verse internet to add the TV service. He tried to push their Direct TV dish service, when I informed him that we weren't allowed to have dishes attached to the windows, unless there was a type of indoor transciever. Our windows don't open other than the slide-back to access the screen which is sealed to the window assembly. It can't be opened. Strange that I have a transceiver for my Wireless Home phone service that is thru my ATT mobile plan. It connects to the nearest cell tower. You'd think ATT could stream Digital TV signals thru just the Uverse internet. I may have to resolve my past due billing issues and return to Time Warner where I get the Basic channels, which aren't nearly like it was before they removed the the satellite tier, that had been included before they raised the fees for the tier. As for the U-verse TV- all I get from them is a "we'll contact you" response. The initial delay was supposedly "just until we get everybody hooked up in your area" as though it'd be coming within 90 days. It didn't and still the same info- "Sorry not available in your area" I'm ready to call a local talk show host who has worked in PR & knows who to call. He's always been good in finding answers and follow-up. Good luck with your move to Comcast. They're not in my area. Later! 

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Re: Soon to be former AT&T Customer - Make sure U-Verse is available in your area before orderin

As has been stated previously on another post, Uverse does NOT release advance information of their builds.

Based on past statements project VIP, the current Uverse build out is scheduled for completion at the end of 2015.
At that time 75% of the ATT customer will have access to a hardwired connection, either as adsl2+ internet, voip services (your current situation) or vdsl oferring IPTV, HSIA, VOIP (what you are desiring).
The remaining 25% will have access to internet, voip services by 4G LTE services,but no tv service.

As you currently have a type of Uverse, adsl2+, I could not say if services will be or when would be epanded, this is a wait and see. It is possible your current service is all that is planned to 2015.

When Project Lightspeed (2009-2012) was completed, Project VIP (2013-2015) was announced, it may be future upgrades will be announced at the end of 2015, as stated goal is 99% IP for 2020.

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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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