Re: AT&T U-verse is better than Comcast in Houston, TX!


Re: AT&T U-verse is better than Comcast in Houston, TX!

We switched today from Comcast (to U-verse) after 10 years of miserable,  substandard service.  The Comcast picture was pixelated, audio had a crackle and video on demand worked about half the time.  We had service call after service call and they would fix some of the problems for a short time and they would recurr.  We  decided to drop Comcast  when two weeks ago the reception developed a pattern of diagonal wave like interference.  The Comcast technician insisted that this was due to a fault in the television; even though the picture was perfect when playing the DVD player.

The U-verse picture is perfect; no interference, no pixelation, sound is perfect.

Also the audio and video are now in sync ( we had a 3 second audio delay on Comcast).  So far video on demand is working perfectly.

I  have nothing good to say about Comcast.  They give you refurbished old cable boxes which continually freeze,reboot and crash, lots of excuses and cannot make things work reliably.

Comcast may very well be the worst service provider I have ever encountered.

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Re: AT&T U-verse is better than Comcast in Houston, TX!

Congrats on your new install, please continue to keep updating positive or negative experiences, we are here to offer help and support if needed.
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