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Re: AT&T PREPAID℠ And DIRECTV NOW Streaming - Great News From AT&T

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Re: AT&T PREPAID℠ And DIRECTV NOW Streaming - Great News From AT&T

And here’s more info:


Who is eligible?

  • Sponsored Data is available to postpaid customers who have an active AT&T data plan, a 3G or 4G (HSPA+ and LTE) capable device – including smartphones, tablets, laptop modems, and mobile hotspots – and use the AT&T domestic wireless network. AT&T PREPAID customers’ eligibility may be limited to specific offers.

How do I know when I am accessing Sponsored Data content?

  • Companies using the service will notify customers directly. If you are unsure if a company is providing a sponsored offer, you should contact the company for additional clarification through their normal customer service channels.

Does Sponsored Data content usage show up on my bill?

  • Postpaid customers can view their Sponsored Data usage in the "Data Detail" section of their paper bill, and in the detailed usage section within "My Wireless" in their online bill. AT&T PREPAID customers can view their usage in "account history" online. Additional FAQs here.

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