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Ray Bradberry has left us.


Ray Bradberry has left us.

Excellent writer that most of us have read. I enjoyed the The Martian Chronicles.

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Re: Ray Bradberry has left us.

Yup, some definite weirdness leaked out of that brain over the years. Smiley Happy

I wonder if he'll get his last wish, to be laid to rest on Mars.



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Re: Ray Bradberry has left us.

I enjoyed Farenheit 451 as a kid. Funny thing, last night I told my husband that he'd passed and my daughter and her bf asked who he was. DH told them he wrote Star Trek.....I was like BRADBURY-GODENBERRY....ummmm NO. Got a good chuckle of that one because DH usually has these things right on and he was wayyyyyyyy off.

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Re: Ray Bradberry has left us.

A great loss to the Sci-Fi world.

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