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Product Availability?


Product Availability?

Why in 2013 am I unable to get Uverse TV in a major city, downtown San Francisco, California, USA?

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Re: Product Availability?

The U-verse foot print does not cover 100% of the USA as you are aware.  The equipment, available infrastructure, and the amout of potential subscribers all determine what area they will invest in.  In order to get a ROI for the upfront costs to deploy the needed equipment and labor to make it happen all factors in to the equation. 

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Re: Product Availability?

For brucebutkis, thank your fellow city residents and city planners for your question.

ATT wanted to roll out Uverse for San Francisco back in 2007, objections to size and placement of VRAD lead to legal challenges. July 2012 a judge final ruled to allow ATT in, now the product is starting to be build out, service hopefully by completion of Project VIP end of 2015.

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