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Problems with Phone, TV and going in circles with customer service!!!


Problems with Phone, TV and going in circles with customer service!!!

I am writing to complain about the nightmare that has been my life with AT&T Uverse

since I recently moved from my condo to a new home - and wondered if anyone had any

advice on what I should do since my previous encounters with customer service

haven't resolved anything.  That is, if you actually make it through this neverending story.


When I moved to my new home, I decided to try AT&T Uverse since the prior owners had

that service and it was already wired.  I was moving on the Sep 23 and had gone to

my local AT&T store a week prior to that to set up the install.  When they tried to

start an account they said they could not, because there was already service at that

home and they could get the new account set up until they cancelled theirs.  The

prior owners weren't leaving until Sep 21 and the person at the store had mentioned

earlier that there was about a week wait for installation, so I asked if I was going

to have a wait a whole week after the prior owners left even though I had come to

them a week before I needed the installation.  They agreed that wasn't "fair" and

said they would make sure I would not be last in line when the account was set up

officially.  The man there said he would call in the next day or so to let me know

the status.  He did not call back and after 2 days I called the store again and

spoke to someone else who said they would talk to the original person and he would

call me back that day.  He didn't.  At that point, I decided to call AT&T directly

and got in touch with someone who was able to get the account set up and scheduled

installation for the day I moved in.  That man was very helpful and I figured the

experience with the store was a fluke.


Installation day - technician arrives and finds there is some sort of problem with

the wires (I apologize but I can not remember the details of what the issue was). 

He manages to get a service person over to look at the lines outside but said he

wasn't even sure they would be able to get the service working.  The line person

arrives and works on some connection out in the neighborhood (not the point of

connection to my home) and the technician comes back saying there was good news and

they could install.  He gets things going and is showing me how to work the DVR and

I start to set it up to record 4 programs to test the capabilities out and he said

"Oh, you can't record 4 at once, you can only do 2 since your home has "low profile"

service".  I asked if I was getting a discount for that since your advertisements

say you can record 4 (I now notice they say in small print "UP TO 4") and he says

"No, it's the same price".  I then ask why my house is "low profile" and would this

ever be rectified.  He said that wires in the neighborhood would have to be replaced

and since new locations were being set up constantly it would probably be a long

time before my neigborhood was ever re-addressed.  Great.  However, there isn't much

I can do about the situation at that point, so I say ok.  I figure I only had 2 show

recording capability before and I'll deal with it for now and see how the service



Since then, my television service has been awful.  The picture freezes fairly often

during live TV (whether DVR is recording at the same time or not), and I have gone

to watch recorded shows and the picture has frozen in them as well; and in several

shows the sound became garbled intermittently for up to 5 minutes at a time and the

recording was useless.  In addition, the picture and the sound are often out of sync

and you can see a lag between someone's mouth moving and when you actually hear what

they are saying. In my living room, the response from box when using the remote is

drastically slow and you often have to push a button several times before getting a

response (this does not happen in my bedroom).  I have replaced the battery already

in the remote and nothing changed.  I didn't call immediately about these problems

because I was hoping they might clear up on their own since everything had just been

turned on and then the brother in law of a friend of mine who works for AT&T said he

would check into it for me given the previous issues with customer service.  He

wasn't able to resolve anything and I finally called customer service again last Wed

about the tv problems and spent over an hour with someone while they checked several

things and then they reset something and said they'd call me back in a few hours.

They did and asked if the problem was still there - but the problem is intermittent

so even though it was fine that second, it doesn't mean it is fixed - so she told me

to call back again if it acted up again and they would set up a time to send someone

out.  Well, it didn't work.  I haven't called back yet though because I'm also

having to deal with a phone issue that has become more urgent.


Part of my U-verse service package I ordered was digital phone, and because of the

delay in my account being established (because the prior owners had their account at

that address), I was told that they could not port my old number over to the new

phone immediately, and I would have a new phone number TEMPORARILY and the old

number would be ported over soon after.  This never happened.  My original phone

number is still connected to my old home - which is being sold the day after

tomorrow.  I was concerned about losing my original number since I've had it for

over 10 years and don't want it to change - and given the trouble with the other

Uverse services, I decided I wanted to get rid of digital phone and have my original

phone number ported to a land line at my new house.  I talked to someone last

Wednesday about this as well and was told they could not just transfer the old

number to a landline, they needed to first convert the new *temporary* number from

digital service to landline, and then the old number could be transferred.  I was

then told someone would call me Thursday or Friday (Oct 15/16) to set up a service

appointment, but Thu/Fri come and go without a call. I call again this past Saturday

(Oct 17th) and speak to someone else, who says that they don't know why the transfer

was set up that way and it was unnecessary.  She said she could just cancel the

digital account completely, and then have someone come this week to remove it and

set up the landline and have my old number transferred immediately.  She said the

appointment was on Tuesday, Oct 20th between 8am-8pm, and gave me a phone & order

number and said to call Tuesday morning to get a time estimate for when the service

person would arrive.  However, later that day I got an automated call saying I was

scheduled for service on Monday, Oct 19th!  I called the dispatch number to verify

the service date, and reached an automated system that didn't recognize my order

number OR phone number and when I reached an actual person at the dispatch office

she couldn't find the order at first either.  She did some more checking and said it

*looked* like the date was Tuesday but the order hadn't been released yet and was

not official.  She told me she was tranferring me to the business office and to ask

them "if the order was being released to dispatch or if it was on hold".  I waited

on hold again until I reached the business office and explained the situation and

was told they couldn't address the issue and was forwarded to yet another person. 

Then the next woman said she couldn't tell if an order had been released yet and

only the dispatch office could.  That's who I spoke to in the first place!  She

couldn't do anything else and I got off the phone.  A little while later I get a

call back from someone asking me about the situation and she had the wrong

information AGAIN.  She thought they were setting up my new landline phone for that

(supposedly) temporary number rather than my original.  She also mentioned that I

was lucky they hadn't cancelled my original number yet and given it to someone else.

 I'm lucky????  I asked for that number to be transferred from the very beginning!


I have spent HOURS on the phone with various customer service agents and every single

issue I've called about still exists.   I have been a customer for YEARS, and have

always paid my bills on time and I have tried to be patient, but I'm at the end of

my rope and ready to drop AT&T completely - UVerse, my cell phone, etc.  Does anyone

have any suggestions about what I can possibly do?  I know my situation has some

twists and turns but how many times and to how many people do I have to tell it

before someone can actually fix it?



Jennifer {Personal content removed for your safety}

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Re: Problems with Phone, TV and going in circles with customer service!!!

There is an AT&T special representative named David that can bypass normal customer service channels to handle special cases such as yours.


His contact information and instructions are in this thread.


Please contact him through the e-mail address he gives in that thread, include all the pertinent information, and he or a member of his team will contact you and take the necessary action to get things resolved.


His team is very experienced and knows how to get things done.


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Re: Problems with Phone, TV and going in circles with customer service!!!

In your thread I cannot find "David"'s contact information acn you please priovide it?

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Re: Problems with Phone, TV and going in circles with customer service!!!

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Re: Problems with Phone, TV and going in circles with customer service!!!

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to post your comments and opinions related to this topic. This topic has been thoroughly discussed and will now be closed.

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Re: Problems with Phone, TV and going in circles with customer service!!!

Hi jorgeroman111,


We have received your message and look forward to working with you to get this resolved.


Thank you,

David T


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Re: Problems with Phone, TV and going in circles with customer service!!!

aviewer wrote:
Click here for David -

I am always glad to help. Sadly, that David that SomeJoe7777 referenced is not me. I heard he was very helpful, and do not want to take any credit for his work.


-David T

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