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Privacy manager


Privacy manager

The AT&T privacy manager feature is not presently available with U-verse.  I found this a very useful feature so that I would always know who was calling.  If someone did not want to unblock their number, their call would not go through.  This is nothing like the anonymous call block offered by U-verse.  I've tried calling tech support and customer service, but no one can help.  Does anyone know if there are any plans to implement this service for U-verse?  I'm sure many customers would be silling to pay the small extra fee for it.



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Re: Privacy manager

I'm also wishing I still had priority ringing and *69. If Verizon Fios can offer these services (and they are also some type of VOIP), why can't U-verse figure it out? Very frustrated with the tech support - the one's I've spoken to are truly clueless.
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