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Porting Two Numbers from U-Verse to AT&T Land Line?


Porting Two Numbers from U-Verse to AT&T Land Line?

I am a current AT&T U-Verse customer. We recently moved and U-Verse is not available at our new house.

I would like to keep both of my U-Verse phone numbers and simply port them to AT&T land line at the new address. I have spoken to 3 different people at AT&T and have gotten 3 different answers as to whether or not this is possible. All 3 people said I can certainly port my main phone number that I have with U-Verse. However, the different answers I get are regarding whether or not I can port my second U-Verse number (which is a home office line).

- The first person I spoke to said that the second number could be ported but only after the first number finished porting.

- The second person I spoke to said that I could port both numbers and he even processed the order over the phone which somone got lost and never went through.

- The third person I spoke to said that I could only port my first (main) number and that I would lose my second number (my home office number).

Can someone please definitively state whether or not it is possible to port/convert two U-Verse phone numbers to AT&T land line numbers?

The second line is a home office number and I really don't want to lose that one.


Please help!



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Re: Porting Two Numbers from U-Verse to AT&T Land Line?

While I can't answer your exact question, I recently ported 2 phone numbers to U-Verse.  I ran into the same 3 answers you were given.  With the most common one being, I could port both, but could only port the second, after the first was ported.


In the end, when the UVerse tech got there, there was no troubles at all, both numbers ported fine.


There seems to be a lot of confusion within the Sales staff as to porting 2 phone numbers, and yours is backwards to mine, but hopefully yours will go as smooth.


My other question would be are you moving to another 'Exchange'?  I have seen some issues with porting 'Landline' numbers to another 'Exchange'.



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