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Poor customer support, issues not resolved.


Poor customer support, issues not resolved.

I'm staying at my parents house for the Summer, and since I got here their U-Verse service has been spotty and didn't work for days at a time. Parents told me that this is a constant issue, they won't get service for sometimes 2 weeks out of the month and this has been happening for about a year. When my mom called she was surprised to see a large outstanding balance. She was willing to pay for a single month of service (albeit that service didn't work), but won't pay for the last month and a half where she had no service at all.

We made a service call in June, and nobody every showed up. This morning my mom called to cancel service and that's about where I realized that U-Verse has ZERO interest in helping the customer.

There are no options to directly cancel service. My mom got to a rep, he transferred her to "the right department". When she got the the next rep she was told that they couldn't process it, so she was transferred again. On hold, she was disconnected.

Called again, have to talk to the wrong rep to get the right one. This time the rep stayed on the line until her manager took over. The manager was also unable to process her request, so again she was transferred to a different rep. The next rep was ALSO unable to help us, and he had to get his supervisor on the phone. 

The supervisor was finally able to cancel service, but would not subsidize her bill for the month where we had no service, which was also the month we called to have someone come fix the internet. Nobody ever came to fix jack. U-Verse is sending us the final bill, which will include the month that we had no service.

Unfortunately by this point (over an hour on hold and being transferred), my mom was extremely frustrated and we didn't fight for the subsidies anymore.

From what my parents have told me, a service guy has come out at least every other month to fix their service.

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Re: Poor customer support, issues not resolved.

Hello Sketal.  Thanks for your post.  It is unfortunate what you and your parents have experienced in your efforts to get this resolved.


Can you please send a private message to ATTCustomerCare with these details you shared (reference back to to your post) and include your parents name, account number, email address, contact number and a good time for them to be reached.


We have a team of folks that are managers who will take a look at your request and will respond directly to you within 48 hours of receipt of your message.


I understand the service has been cancelled, but please allow them the opportunity to take a look at the account and review the records/notes and possibly arrange for any refund that may be due for the time they did not have service.



Rethink Possible

For account specific help, please send a private message to ATTCustomerCare

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