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Poor customer service and unnecessary charges


Poor customer service and unnecessary charges

I upgraded my phone and also brought my mom over to ATT from another company and purchased her a new phone also. I spent over $300 in the store and the associate was VERY nice he also was willing to waive the $36 activation fees but was out of credit to give out at his store and he instructed me to call customer service and ask them to do once I received the bill. My bill was over $300 in addition to the money I paid to purchase the phones and once I called customer service to ask the activations FEES to be removed he refused. I'm very upset and have been with ATT for years and don't understand why they won't just take the fees off I'm not asking for a free phone just for the fees to be removed. I've spent tooooo much money to be treated as such and there are plenty of other carriers who I'm sure would appreciate my business
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Re: Poor customer service and unnecessary charges

Hello Thaysj20,


I'm sorry for your issues with the recent activation. Unfortunately customer service representatives can not credit those fees. I want to reach out to the store where you purchased your phones and see what we can do to help. Can you please send me a private message by clicking here with your name and phone number, and the store location or address and representative's name.


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