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Phone seems garbled when I talk

Phone seems garbled when I talk

U-verse voice, cordless AT&T phone


I make a lot of calls using this AT&T cordless phone and use the speaker phone a lot so I can manipulate my computer without holding the phone up to my ear at the same time.  Sometimes when I talk on this phone it acts like someone starts talking at the same time every time I speak.  It is like feedback or over modulation or some type.  My voice seems to cause it because when I stop talking the garbled noice stops.  What could cause this?  Is it caused by being too close to the phone while using the speaker phone option?


The person that I am talking to says that my voice is garbled at time, so they can hear it also.





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Re: Phone seems garbled when I talk

foxtrot048 - I think you need to try another phone to see if it works. Also, try your phone on someone else's service, Then you can determine if it is the phone, U-verse or they just do not play well together.

What is the model of your phone?? There were a couple of threads about an incompatible att phone, but they had to do with dialing failure. Google your phone model to see if there are any reports of garbled voice.


I have to say the speaker phone circuit isespecially suspect. How does it work on the handset? There should be a cricuit to isolate the two sides of the converstaion. If the mike can hear the voice from the speaker it creates a feedback loop. I guess you have had success with this phone in the past, but the critical circuit could have failed.

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Re: Phone seems garbled when I talk

The model number of this phone is E1127B. I used this phone for several
years before I switched to U-Verse. It hooked to a wall receptacle with
a old fashioned phone wire.

I have found a copy of the instruction manual for the phone and will
check this out. If nothing changes I will call ATT and see if I can
repeat the problem to the tech over the phone.

If you have any more suggestions regarding compatibility of E1127B I
would appreciate your input.

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