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Phone displays no line after power flickered


Phone displays no line after power flickered

We have voip through a 2wire modem. We have had the service for over a year and about 4 months ago our home phone suddenly said no line. I figured it was just the phone as it was a cheap $15 dollar phone. We purchased another cheap phone(as hardly no one calls us on our home phone, we only keep it for in case of emergancy) and it seemed to work just fine again. About a week ago the power flickered and now the phone again says no line.


I have replaced the phone line. I have unplugged the phone, the phone is plugged in through a power surge. I have restarted the router, I have unplugged the router, I have looked in the router settings to make sure that the line is active. Everthing else connected to the router still works(computers, uverse boxes)


Everything seems to be right but I just wanted to see if anyone has come across this or has any suggestions before I call ATT and let them know that their service has shorted two of my phones when the power flickers and I no longer want the phone service.

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Re: Phone displays no line after power flickered

bridenthalfamily - So, the phone is plugged directly in to the RG - Not connected to any other house wiring. And, another phone plugged in to the RG works. So, the power surge did fry your phones.

That is very unusual. Usually, if a surge is strong it fries the RG. I am not sure if it is fair to att to blame them. Or, if the phones are just too fragile. I believe I had a problem with such a cheap phone & could not believe how hair thin the wiring within.

Seems like if you want to keep the status quo it would be best to leave the phone un-plugged when you are not originating a call. Or, perhaps get a better phone.
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Re: Phone displays no line after power flickered

I'm not blaming ATT for the surge, they are not the electric company. But I don't want to spend a lot of money on a phone I hardly use.


If it's the phone then it's the phone, and instead of getting another phone I would rather just drop the phone service altogether. 


I was just hoping that it might have been something I have overlooked. 


My wife and I both have cell phones and I would rather just spend $10 a month to get another line added to it for my son and drop the $50 a month hard line that I was only keeping for his convience and to have a local number. Both home and cell are ATT.


I'll wait a few days to see if anyone has any ideas.

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Re: Phone displays no line after power flickered

If the phone says no line, then that usually means the phone is not getting any signal.  You might also want to replace the wire that supplies the signal to the RG if you have not already done so.

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Re: Phone displays no line after power flickered

I had a similar experience today. Phone is a couple of weeks old. The line was checked fine with another phone. I was ready to return the phone to store before I decided to try last trick. I unpowered the phone to have it circuit reset. Everything came back Normal after that. I think the probabal cause of no line in display is due to some internal issues of the phone. With all these electronic cordless phones it is a lot of engineering inside.
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