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Personal web page problem


Personal web page problem

I asked about this recently, and was assured that ATT was continuing to support existing personal web pages.

Support of the pwp is what I'm asking for here.  Now and then, in the middle of the night on a week day, I can sometimes successfully save a change to my webpage.  Even then, 5 minutes later, it's not working anymore.  Most of the time, after I type in my changes, when I try to save, I get a 404 page not found error, I get logged out, and the changes were not saved. Why won't this work?  I have had this webpage for years and was always able to update it with no problem until now.  I am extremely frustrated.  What can I do to be able to update my pwp?  What will ATT do to provide the support they promised?

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Re: Personal web page problem

Hi essm,

We apologize for the issues you are having with the AT&T provided personal web page. I have been researching what could be causing this problem and found that there are limitations to your web page that may hinder it from being saved

Do I have a limit on what size pictures or images I upload to my page?

The file should be no larger than 150Kb for fast page views. We recommend limiting picture (image) size to 360 pixels wide x 240 pixels high (or essentially a 3x5 photo). If you choose to upload files that are larger, your page may not display properly.

What picture (image) file formats am I allowed to upload?

The file must be .jpg or .gif format.

Why is the text and/or content that I place on my page getting cut off?

The text can be up to 20000 characters, or about 300 sentences, including any HTML codes. If you have exceeded the limit, then the amount that you went over will be cut off.

If you encounter any issues with your service or equipment, I recommend checking out our Troubleshoot & Resolve solutions to help diagnose the issue.
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Re: Personal web page problem

Thank you for taking the time to look into the situation.  However, none of these are the root of the problem.  I am not trying to upload pictures and the updates I am trying to make are actually fewer characters per page than are already there.


I really think the problem is that the pwp utility only works when there is minimal traffic online, like the server doesn't have enough juice and the failures to save are time-out errors. (Sorry I don't know all the right words for that.)


Since last time, I had one really fruitful session successfully making lots of updates, at 0600.  I didn't get done though, and at 0645, it was back to giving me the 404 errors.  I guess I can keep on trying this, though this is a really difficult time of day for my work schedule.


Does AT&T see these forum messages and act on them?  I have tried contacting AT&T about this with no luck.  The customer service phone operator had no clue what I was talking about, but sent a service rep to my home.  He saw the problem but had no idea who to contact about it.  I also tried the customer service online chat service and they didn't know either.

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Re: Personal web page problem

Yes, AT&T does see these messages.  Note that david_t who replied earlier is an AT&T employee.

PWP seems to be a previous commitment that AT&T would like to forget about.  People who have it, have it: barely.  People who weren't using them before their conversion to U-verse cannot get them at all.  No further resources, including support and/or training and/or network or hardware resources are going to support them.

Basically, it appears the home ISP industry has gone away from providing this service.  You could consider going with a relatively low cost provider (such as GoDaddy, ASmallOrange, etc.).  Then at least they would know what you're talking about.

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