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Patterned Service Issue


Patterned Service Issue

Here recently I've had all lines and equipment replaced.  Lines are clean and everything is properly configured.  For some odd reason from the time I get off work till late at night I have really bad service.  Xbox live lag and will get constant server kicks.  Live streaming doesn't work at all during the hours lots of stuttering and lag.  I get up around 6am cst so I test and guess what everything works flawlessly.  I can't post UV Realtime screenshots as I have like most the Motorola NVG510 this is actually my third one. I've been collectiong screenshots of pingtests and speedtests and can verify that in the afternoons there is something going and apparently goes away when the majority go to bed.  Also the town I live in only has about 500 people so I don't see how we could be overloaded.

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Re: Patterned Service Issue

Hello, xcaptkirk


My name is Morgan, I'm one of the U-verse Community Specialists. I'm very sorry to hear that your internet service is dropping intermittently towards the evening time but, my team and I will be glad to help you investigate this problem and get this resolved. I'm going to send you a private message that will land in your inbox and we will move forward from there. Thank you! Smiley Happy

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Re: Patterned Service Issue

I already have a tech on this.  The tech as he put it "I'm just a line guy" is almost like me and can't really do antthing unless something major happens.

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