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Patch 2 wire into house phone wiring?


Patch 2 wire into house phone wiring?

My RG is connected to a "phone line". The green jack is plugged into the RG. I have tv but no voice. The RG is connected to a coax wall jack (next to the one in the picture) then my STB is connected to another coax wall jack.


My assumption is that the signal into the RG is from the phone line. The coax goes from the RG to the wall and is then available to any coax wall jack. The other "normal" phone jacks will not bring a signal into the RG as it stands.


I want to move my RG close to another "normal" phone jack. If I unplug the RG and plug a patch from the green to the blue jack in the picture will I then be able to plug the RG into any other wall "normal" phone jack? My RG is across the hall from my internet ready blue ray. I live in an apartment so I can't run cat5 to where I want it. If I could I would. I am a cell phone only so I will never need the phone wiring for phones.




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Re: Patch 2 wire into house phone wiring?

petts5354 - If the objective is to provide the Blue-ray a wired internet connection, the simplest way is to connect it to the network jack on the STB with a cat5 cable.

Is the blue jack RJ-45?

To move the current RG connection you have to find where the other end of the wires come together & swap them. Currently, there is connection NID to RG, You need to move the NID wire connection to the other jack so you can plug in the RG to the new jack. While doing this, make sure no other wires extend the connection.

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Re: Patch 2 wire into house phone wiring?

While your concept is valid, if additional jacks exist you are creating bridge taps which will negatively impact your service.
Petts you are correct in your understanding of input and output feeds but coax connection should only go to currently attached devices.
Non used jacks should not be apart of the system via a coax splitter.

aviewer the blue jack as a phone back feed should be RJ11 but tech may have used RJ45 jack, only wired as phone (1 pair)

Also agree with aviewer that your new desired location needs to be wired directly to NID removing current connection (bridge tap)
If you do not feel comfortable doing this may request a move order at 1-800-288-2020, this is a billable ($99) charge.

Believing your bluray is at same location as set top box, the Ethernet cable from bluray to STB port is valid.
If a different location has the bluray (bedroom instead of living room) then could
1) move RG as described
2) apartment purchase 50ft or 100 ft Ethernet cable, staple to baseboards and around door frames RG to Bluray
3) I's bluray wireless
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