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Pair bonding? Please help!!!!


Pair bonding? Please help!!!!

We just had U-verse installed over the weekend and we are experiencing loss of service. Now, there is no service AT ALL: TV, phone or internet. We have been told that we are at the "end of the loop" in our neighborhood, and we will have to have a pair bonded connection installed in order to receive consistent service. We have called customer support SEVERAL times and have been unable to get any help in scheduling an installation. Please help us!!! We are in the dark, and we certainly hope to get this situation resolved soon,

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Re: Pair bonding? Please help!!!!

This is generally a repair scheduled 4 hour appointment window but have seen it scheduled as a new install.
Repairs are 8-12, 12-4, 4-8 while install times are 9-11, 11-1, and 1-3.

You could call or chat and ask for temporary drop in profile from 25 to 19. This should allow RG to sync for service, be aware that 19M only offers 2HD/2SD IP TV streams and Max (12/1.5) for internet speeds. But at least would have service till tech is scheduled. This is normally done by tier 2 support, will need to be escalated from tier1...
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