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Painfully slow connection


Painfully slow connection

I know, I know.  What an original thread, right?  Nobody has ever had a slow connection before.


So Comcast had a monopoly on our cable for years until just a few week ago when we got an e-mail saying U-verse was now offered in our area.  We jumped on it like a dog on a steak.  Nothing could possibly be worse than the service we had.


Being the first people in our area with U-verse, I don't really know who else to ask about my connection.  Plus, I'm not all that savvy about this kind of thing.


My internet is hooked up through a "switch" in the study which is paired with the modem in the living room.  Now, I've always used my own router wired right to the modem in the study so this setup is new to me.  The first thing I noticed was that Netflix on the living room TV was always poor quality.  Then, I tried to get on the internet in my study and I can't watch a video on something like YouTube because it drops to the lowest quality, plays for a few seconds, then spends a minute reloading, then rinse and repeat.


I ran the AT&T connection test and got numbers essentially just above not being connected at all:



Something is definitely wrong here.  This isn't just poor service or slow speed.  I mean, I can't even check my e-mail quickly, forget about playing any games.


I'm sure there is more info I'm not providing, but if anyone has a solution, I'm open to it.  I've done everything I can find online except call the techs back out.  The problem there is that it took them 8 hours (I'm not exaggerating) to get me set up.  They were here until almost 10pm.  The modem wouldn't update, then it wouldn't pair on "line 2" (whatever that means).  I'm hoping this isn't a permanent problem because I desperately do NOT want to go back to Comcast, but I'm not getting the 12mbps I'm paying for.  Not even close.



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Re: Painfully slow connection

Who connected the modem to the "switch"? You or the tech? As far as I know, the "home run" from the outside box to the RG should be a direct connection. A switch would be used after the the RG. I would definitely call a tech because we have had very few issues with our internet from Uverse.
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Re: Painfully slow connection

You have a 589 RG, on a bonded install due to distance...
Do you have IPTV service?, if so how are TVs connected?
My immediate thought is have TV(s) on a switch that is also being used for internet devices, resulting in multi cast TV traffic using all bandwidth.
The tv(s) need a separate connection to RG, your devices another path.

To test, unplug all devices from RG, use Ethernet cable direct connect to laptop, run to local server.
What are the results, getting your 12M speeds?

If so, need to look how devices are connected, may do this yourself or call and schedule 4 hour appointment window for a tech visit.

Next is how are you connected to office router, if being used...see posts 2 and 13 for some assistance, ideas
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