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Packet without a NAT table entry blocked


Packet without a NAT table entry blocked

I have a Zyxel Zywall II Plus firewall behind my AT&T U-Verse modem. I have a static IP from my block of AT&T public IP addresses set statically on the outward facing interface of the Zywall. The gateway is set to the public IP address of the modem AT&T provided which they call the RGIP address. I am getting the following information on my Zywall log:


Packet without a NAT table entry blocked: ICMP(Redirect Datagram for the Network (or subnet))


The traffic originates from the public IP of the AT&T modem and is inbound to the outward facing interface on the Zywall.


Any suggestions on how to handle this error and/or traffic?

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Re: Packet without a NAT table entry blocked

just wanted to give you some input on some of my is becoming apparent that ATT has some intention of forcing people to use their gateways as more than just a modem, or making it hard to do so for some reason. i have been trying to get information on how to run them like a cable modem would run, or as DSL modems did where it simply ran all data thru the ethernet port. ATT doesn't seem to get that if their service just acted as a point of access and nothing more they would have more customers like myself. but many are not interested in an adulterated version of internet access that these gateways seem to provide.


i am hoping to find some proper information as to how to turn off all "gateway" functions in these ATT-sanctioned devices and use my own router, and if I do find out how I'll repost it and probably switch to ATT, but until then I'm going to keep my business elsewhere.

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