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PS3 can't connect to wireless


PS3 can't connect to wireless

We have been working on this for hours.  We called ATT direct and the gave us the directions to find the WEP number on the sticker on side of our wireless router, we've entered it under WSK and WEP and can't make it connect.  It says "blah blah blah something about timed out and your code is wrong".



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Re: PS3 can't connect to wireless

I don't PS3, but is this the page you're on:


And if you are trying to connect wirelessly, the Security area at the bottom, Enter Default Network Key is NOT working?


Could someone in your household have changed the password?  If it will not allow you in, call ATT back (try number in my siggy) and ask them to reset the password.  Then you can try again.  Better yet, they can do that remotely and change the password for you.


Here are some other threads about PS3 connections; maybe something there will help?  Or another PS3-er will come along soon. :smileyhappy:


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Re: PS3 can't connect to wireless

I can connect both of my PS3's to the Internet via my AT&T 4G wifi hotspot with WPA Network Key but cannot connect them to my AT&T wireless B/G 2WIRE router.
What is the problem with the AT&T router?
I have confirmed the SSID and WPA Key is correct .
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