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I noticed that some of the PPV channels have no info avaiable there is one PPV channel that has events on it just woundering why its doing that thanks .

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Re: PPV channels

I would just like know why some of the PPV channels say no info available there is one channel that is still showing events and concerts .
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PPV No Info Avaiable

I been trying ask why some of PPV channels have no info on them there is just one channel that does just would like to know thanks . 

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Re: PPV No Info Avaiable

No need to ask the same question 3 times. If you are looking in the guide at the PPV channels and there is no info it is more than likely because there is nothing showing on those channels at the time you are viewing the guide.  When it's close to an event that they are showing on PPV it will start showing up as a future event.

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Re: PPV No Info Avaiable

OK thanks that's all i wanted know could not get anyone to answer my post sorry about the repeated questions .
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