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Over charges in reconnection fees?


Over charges in reconnection fees?

I'm so disturbed that we have had plenty of problems with our service and connection, and I am just now noticing these crazy charges on my bill..95$ in reconnection fees! How harsh, when we have been dedicated customers...with bundle plan and we have also referred family and friends.We had an issue with our bank accounts in the past couple months and our payment didn't go through so they disconnected our service on a holiday..first off..and then we paid the payment of 290$ and then they cut it off two weeks later and charged us 95$ more in fees without any call! And then the bill is saying we owe 580$ more?? Past due?what..?how is that possible? We spent almost 600$ already and half of that was fees in one month! I think this is outrageous and we are continuously getting robbed of our income just so we can keep cable and internet??? I think it may be worth it to change companies...just sucks because I really like AT&T.., its too late to call customer care, but if they don't do something about this when I call..they are going to be losing a valuable customer! We have never even let our tv be off for more then a day and they turn it on with in 5 min! And we got charged almost 500$ in just fees in a month time??? How is that possible! There is a very competitive market and I am sure other companies will want my money so...we shall see.

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Re: Over charges in reconnection fees?

If you have tv, internet and phone and your service was disconnected for not paying your bill it's $30 per service so it would be $90 + tax in some states to have your services restored.

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Re: Over charges in reconnection fees?

In regards to this $30.00 per service fee, is that clearly stated when service is reconnected? The answer is NO. . . they simply state there is a $30.00 reconnection fee, these calls are monitored so I'd love to listen to one back live.  Also do I have the option of telling AT&T which service I want reconnected or is it all or nothing as if there is an option?  I'd rather pay the early termination fee then continue on with customer service such as this.  There is one line coming into my home, I am simply floored.

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Re: Over charges in reconnection fees?

From Uverse terms of service, which you checked a box stating you have read, understand and agree to...

Suspension/Termination by AT&T. Your Services may be suspended or terminated if your payment is past due. AT&T may also suspend or terminate your Services if it is determined that there is previously unpaid, undisputed, and outstanding debt for U-verse service. Such suspension or termination may continue until satisfactory arrangements have been made for the payment of all past unpaid charges. While your Services are suspended you will not receive automatic credit balances (if any are due) and billing will continue for your monthly charges, and any applicable promotional offers may be discontinued and revoked as determined solely by AT&T. You will be charged a fee to restore your Service from suspension

You have Three services, HSIA, IPTV and VOIP all listed on one bill. There is a restore fee for each, if only had 2 services $60, if just one service (internet only) $30.

Once your account is up to date, may cancel any services, note if under bundle pricing promo, breaking the bundle (canceling a service) the remaining service(s) go to normal monthly price (no discounts)
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Re: Over charges in reconnection fees?

I actually agree that it is not clear.  However, their language is similar to other similar providers who have the exact same policy in place.


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