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Outgoing email smtp server for ATT?


Outgoing email smtp server for ATT?

Hey all,

When we had timewarner, my outgoing email was set to  Now, of course, I can't send email, so I was wandering what I set the ourgoing smtp server to for ATT?

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Re: Outgoing email smtp server for ATT?

Unless something has changed, the following info is what I was instructed.


Incoming (POP):

Outgoing (SMTP):

Incoming mail server:  POP3

Incoming mail port #: 995 (make sure secure connection (SSL) is checked)

Outgoing mail port #:  465 (make sure secure connection (SSL) is checked)


Hope this helps!




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Re: Outgoing email smtp server for ATT?

And don't forget to leave the checkbox empty where it says Secure Password Authentication.

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Re: Outgoing email smtp server for ATT?

Ii will try to update the port


Just a comment I was able to get exchange working. when I set the moden NVG510 to devfault server and pointed it to my SBS 2011.  how ever unable to turn off DHCP was an issue.  I did telnet into it and disabled the DHCP.  With default passthrough  exchange and internet worked.  but when I got Remote accesss didnt work.   the prot 443 was not being forward to my SBS.  so I changed the ippassthough to passthrough mode 443 access work but the internet quit.   So I desided to reset the modem get a sisco 5505 and try to setup the ip pass though to the router.  now everything is working but external sending email.  it was all working last week on port 25.   did something change on ATT side in teh past 4-5 days?????   

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Re: Outgoing email smtp server for ATT?

I just switched over from Cox, which allows from inside Cox network to send plain email through on port 25.  Why ATT does not allow email from its internal IP address to use plain smtp, does it worry inside its own network being hacked?  That is too much security.  A lot of network enabled devices does not support SSL enabled email.  By forcing everyone even from inside ATT network uses SSL email, that will cause inconvenience to customers.

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Re: Outgoing email smtp server for ATT?

AT&T worries, quite rightly, about bots getting installed on home PCs and generating SPAM.



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