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Ordering/Installation of Gigapower a Nightmare


Ordering/Installation of Gigapower a Nightmare

I thought ordering Gigapower was took a total of 5 phone calls and over 2 hours of hold time to get it all set up.  Each time I spoke with a new customer service rep they had a different way of creating the order.  Finally my installation day arrived.  I had had 3 reminder calls which is great.  The service techs show up earlier that scheduled which is also awesome.  They were fast, friendly and courteous.  BUT it took a total of 9, count them 9 hours to install which I had to remain at the house for.  It was ridiculous.  Apparently someone had "taken my order" and they had to wait for the whole thing to be reset again.  I have never seen anything like it and I felt so bad for those guys just having to sit outside my house all day waiting on some magic to happen.  If I had to do it over again, I would not do it.  I was not that unhappy with what I had I just thought I would enjoy the upgrade package. 

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Re: Ordering/Installation of Gigapower a Nightmare

Congratulations on actually getting the install completed and kudos to your technicians for sticking around until the job was done.
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