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Order AT&T at your own risk and pray you never have to call their customer service dept....


Order AT&T at your own risk and pray you never have to call their customer service dept....

I have never had AT&T and when the reps knocked on my door around 12/3/13 and offered me service I thought I would give it a try.  After explaining to the saleman about my needs, especially internet usage, I was a little more than surprised to find the fine print on my info brochue noting the data cap of 250GB.  Which was never mentioned at all during my conversation with their sales rep.  


I decided to call and find out all the information that was conveniently left out of my initial conversation with the rep at my door.  Once I was able to get the info on overages and such I decided to not cancel my install.  The overage pricing seemed reasonable.  


My install was scheduled for today 12/18, between 9-11 a.m.  I took off work to be there.  Around 10:00 a.m. I had not heard anything and decided to call.  Imagine my thrill to have my call answered by a completely ineffective customer service rep who could could barely understand me.  After putting me on hold multiple times it turns out that as some point AT&T called and left me a voicemail that my install would have to be rescheduled.  


Apparently despite sending me multiple emails about the great and wonderful AT&T, receiving multiple pieces of mail about AT&T and the wonderful service the only notification about an install cancellation is a supposed voice mail from, what I am guessing is an unlisted "800" number.  


As it turns out the install for my service had to be rescheduled due to some issue about "the line" or "junction box" or some such thing(depending on which rep I was speaking too) and that the work order for that particular repair was submitted for Dec 31.  So apparently my area wasn't or isn't set up properly for AT&T to begin with.  


On my first call, after being notified that a voicemail had been left and a work order had been placed any questions I had were greeted with silence.  Not, mind you, an "I'm sorry I can't tell you that".  Literally, silence other than the rep typing on her keyboard.  I asked when I could expect my install...nothing..just tap, tap, tap on the her keyboard.  Needless to say I hung up and ventured out to find another number I could call.  


My second call was to 855-838-4591.  Another voice menu which at said for "current orders and install information" press 3.  Pressing 3 gives a message of "please hang up and call 888-573-4107.  So I call that number...


Another person answered and began asking me for my info.  I gave him my name.  I wasn't in his system.  I gave him my phone number, nothing there either.  I explained that I was calling the number I was told by their system to call for my particular issue.  Basic confusion, a lot of apologies, and not much else.  He said he would transfer me over to whatever department could help me.  Great more hold...


3rd person gets on the phone.  I get the same "can I have your name/address/phone number."  He too, was having trouble finding me.  Until he told me that I had called the wrong dept.  because was the Nevada rep(I live in North Carolina).  Once again on hold, once again another rep.  


This explained that yes there was some sort of technical issue that delayed my install and that they left a voicemail.  And that was about all he could tell me.  So I asked to cancel my order.  Again ANOTHER department.


While the order cancellation dept rep was very nice.  He didn't seem to quite understand my frustration, and further seemed to want to keep explaining why the install was deferred.  As I explained to him, your company sent people into my neighborhood to offer a service you weren't prepared to deliver, scheduled an install date already almost two weeks out.  Only to supposedly receive a voicemail rescheduling the install, despite all the other forms of contact (emails, snail mail).  And now asking me to wait another at least two weeks just for the "engineer work" to be completed.  When I pointed out that nobody up to this has been able to tell me when I could expect an install he stated that it was scheduled for Jan 2.  


That was the point I had had enough.  I had spent an hour waiting on install and almost an hour on the phone with multiple "dept's" multiple reps.  Most of which didn't sound like they could find YOU KNOW WHAT WITH A FLASHLIGHT AND A MAGNIFYING GLASS and cancelled my order.  


As someone who works in a customer service field, I can say I have NEVER come across a group of more useless, untrained, and completely ineffectual CSR's as those who belong to AT&T.  Nevermind, what I can only imagine is a company policy of AT&T, to keep reminding people on phone calls how important we customers are to them.  At this point I am happy to pay $50-$70 and stay with Time Warner than trust bumbing cluster that is AT&T.  

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Re: Order AT&T at your own risk and pray you never have to call their customer service dept....

Seems you were lost in the ordering system.  If you would like a resolution I would recommend that you send a Private Message to the ATTU-verseCare Community Specialist team.  One of the specialists will respond to your PM shortly.  Please look for the flashing envelope at the top right of the page for your response from a team member.

"If you find this post helpful and it solved your issue please mark it as a solution.  This will help other forum members locate it and will also let everyone know that it corrected your problem. If they have the same issue they will know how to solve theirs"

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Re: Order AT&T at your own risk and pray you never have to call their customer service dept....

Not trying to be contentious, but if that's what you got from reading my post then it would explain why AT&T is such cluster. I wasn't "lost" in anything....

I am still trying to understand a company that spend what must be $1000's on spamming my mail box to get my business, to tell me how great it is to have me as a customer, and what a great company they are, made what any rational person would consider the most minimal effort to contact me in order to reschedule my install. I suspect it's your companies attitude of "get'em then forget'em".

What's even more concerning is that neither the sale rep at my door or the TWO different phone reps who I spoke too during the day I ordered service had any idea that my install date wouldn't be able to be met since they were doing line tests that day. Which would indicate AT&T is more concerned about signing people up and hoping to keep them after customers have gotten so far down a path than actually being straight forward about the company and services offered.
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Re: Order AT&T at your own risk and pray you never have to call their customer service dept....

zenhunter took me 3 months to get everything straightened out on my install 4 years ago, but with that being said Uverse has been as stable as any service I've ever had. I've been thru Comcast and DirecTV and Uverse is about as easy to live with as any, don't recall the last service call. Now on the other hand they need to do some updating on services and once you become a regular they completely forget about you.

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