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Open Disgust with AT&T Customer Support regarding U-Verse Installation Wait


Open Disgust with AT&T Customer Support regarding U-Verse Installation Wait



I'd like to express my utter disgust with the pitiful customer service I received from AT&T and I would like to lodge an executive customer support complaint.


On Saturday, September 21st, I ordered AT&T U-verse TV and Internet service to be installed as quickly as possible at an apartment I am moving into on Monday, September 23rd.  Earlier today, I received an email that said that I would have to wait about 9-10 days, approximately October 1st, for the service to be delivered.  I contacted AT&T Customer support by phone to see what could be done.  I was told that there was nothing that could be done. I became livid.  I asked to speak to a supervisor.  The operator placed me on hold and after 1-2 minutes came back and said that their supervisor had said the same thing.  It was not what I wanted.  I asked to actually speak to a supervisor.....I was on hold for approximately 20-25 minutes before someone finally came back and spoke to me and made no effort to investigate with anyone as to whether this could be moved up.  They then were utterly hesitant to cancel my order after I realized that I was getting nowhere with them.  I repeated several times before they finally did cancel my order. 


I find it preposterous that AT&T has to make me wait 9-10 days to get the service that I've requested.  I want to know why?  If there's high demand, you should have an army of installers out there to meet the demand.  .  I shouldn't have to wait 9-10 days for installation of TV and internet services.  That's just outrageous.  I want to order from AT&T, but if AT&T is not going to work in a timely manner to install my services, I won't do business with them.  I will gladly go get my service from another company.  If AT&T will work with me to get my service faster or come up with a solution that will be acceptable to me, I'll gladly reinstate my order.  But if this is the way they're going to a snail's pace.  Then I won't do business with AT&T.


I await a reply from AT&T Executive Support.


Thank you!

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Re: Open Disgust with AT&T Customer Support regarding U-Verse Installation Wait

willchen wrote:
Television is not internet. You need to look at the whole of JD Powers numbers. An award is only indicative that it's doing better than it competitors. You also need to look at the regions and the other factors. Verizon is doing better than AT&T in most regions that it competes in. AT&T is only better than Verizon in the South with Residential Wired Internet. They have plenty of room for improvement everywhere else. The scores are out of 1000 points and AT&T only gets to 642 in one region. They're only at 598 in the West.

Obviously you didn't read my post, I said it was rated as one of the highest, I was correctly the poster that said it was one of the worst.  You have just proven my point. Thank you. You are correct Verizon is rated higher in most regions, but AT&T is right there with them. 

” Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports … all others are games.”- Ernest Hemingway
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Re: Open Disgust with AT&T Customer Support regarding U-Verse Installation Wait

A perfect score would be 1000 points.  642 is not a really high score.  That's like getting a D.  Just because you have a higher D score, it's still not good.  Sure, you're better than the other guy, but you aren't really meating expectations.  Why are you satisfied with barely passing?

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