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On demand SUCKS!


On demand SUCKS!

I know there are multiple posts about this, but I had to vent. I hate uverse's on demand. It lacks channels, its slow updating shows and its a rip off.


The other night I recorded the premier of Justified on FX. I didnt get around to watch it until today, but guess what, my awesome uverse dvr decided to just record 18 minutes of it. Why, I have no idea. So I think "ok that sucks, Ill watch it on demand". So I go to look on demand, but guess what? FX isnt even freaking listed as an available channel on demand. Really? Horrible! Also, not to mention no AMC. What a joke, these are major channels, how can you not have them?


Another issue, how slow they are to add the most recent shows. I have seen shows 2 or 3 weeks behind, which makes it impossible to catch up. I have also seen shows mislabled, meaning the episode doesnt match the descrption, its a totally different episode.


And whats with the lack of HD channels?? I dont know what tv package we have, but we get every channel in HD, but for whatever reason, the only HD on demand channels are the 4 majors. I am assuming you have to PAY MORE to get the rest of the channels on demand in HD, even though I get them all for tv? If so, what a freaking rip off. If they are simply not offered, thats pathetic. Either way its crap.

So if there is something I missed or want to check out on demand, its in standard def. Who wants to watch that?


I know what the response will be for this.... "if you dont like it switch providers". If I could I would. I moved in with a friend and he likes it apparently, its not up to me. I am in no way a Comcast lover... in fact I used to complain about it all the time. But wow.... the simple things I took for ganted. Every channel in HD, new shows showing up the very next day, easy quick menus. It would even have reruns, which was awesome. Like TBS on demand would have about 5-7 episodes of the big bang theory on at all times and would switch them every few weeks, which was awesome. Or past season catch up, entire seasons of shows. Uverse has nothing like that, its bare bones. I just dont understand how anyone could be possibly satisfied with this service.


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Re: On demand SUCKS!

RE the spoiler:

There were many such seasons of fall programming on our DVR.



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Re: On demand SUCKS!

I JUST signed up (last week) from Directv. It DOES have some major inconsistencies, but the rep who installed is always available, and has explained much of it to me. The picture is FAR better, especially if you tend to the settings on the remote for your TV.


As for your issue, I noticed that sometimes you cannot find the item in the search, especially if recent,BUT it may turn up in theguide, where you might finda another showing. try ths....


Good Luck...

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Re: On demand SUCKS!

All of these posts for the same this a GOOD show? Any way to get it from the beginning?

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Re: On demand SUCKS!

Completely agree.  It's always behind and often missing episodes right out of the middle of a series.  Just tried to watch A&E War and Peace and they only have the first half and NOT in HD.  Errrrrrrr.  We switched because we had a big pixelation issue with Time Warner but their on demand was better.

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Re: On demand SUCKS!

@kleary12   All the cable companies have better On Demand as they have a company that sets it up between companies, Comcrap is king of On Demand after 30+ yrs.


ATT started from 0, 9-10 years ago, can tell you from when I got Uverse TV in 2008, ATT has gone leaps and bounds on On Demand.  Only thing is there should be more HD on Demand, if we have it on HD on the TV Live.


Unluckily the cable companies are doing what they can to deny ATT On Demand content and contracts w/channels could call for more and HD. Smiley Wink



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