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Notice of Dispute - Issues with Service


Notice of Dispute - Issues with Service

Can someone please help me. I sent in a notice of dispute as outlined in the terms of service, was supposed to receive a response within 30 days. The 30 days have come and gone and I have not received any communication. I called and spoke with a rep who said she would escalade my issue and I should hear something within 3 days. 3 days past and I still had not heard anything.


I filled a complaint with BBB and received a call from the executive office. The person with whom I spoke said I needed to provide more information as to specific dates of issue among other things and I said I did not posses that information at the time, was offered the same compensation I have been offered before - to receive a promotional discount for up to 12 months. Informed the individual that I was not willing to go that route as obviously I would have to continue services with ATT for another 12 months to reap the benefits of that offer and after the ordeal I have had to endure and lack of services being provided as paid for that I would only accept a refund.


Called ATT to find out the status of the initial notice of dispute I sent in and was re routed more than 10 times to different people and no one was able to assist me, the only thing I was told in two different occasions is that the executive office had contacted me and that whatever they decided serves for not only my BBB complaint but for my dispute as well. On another note 3 other individuals with whom I spoke said that I would receive the refund I had requested in my dispute and that a check was being mailed. The two who referenced the BBB complaint also said that there was nothing to confirm what the other 3 had told me about a check being mailed.


I don't understand how different places can continuously provide different information, how no one seems to know what's going on with anything and how only certain people can see certain notes in the account. I also don't understand how as a company ATT itself doesn't follow it's terms of service and procedures. I need some kind of written documentation of what was offered in order to proceed with my case against ATT and no one seems to be willing to provide me with anything.


I am at my wits end with this company, have never in my life had to deal with such lack of organization, of customer service and inadequate service itself. How can a company continuous charge for a service for which they are not providing as agreed and then deny to refund someone money they paid?


Can someone please tell me where to call, who to speak with in order to get this information?

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Re: Notice of Dispute - Issues with Service

Hello, nibhmg07!


Thank you for your post.


I'm sorry to hear you're having such a difficult time with your U-verse services. Please send us a message by clicking here, and we can look into that right away. Just make sure to include your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon at the top right corner of your screen.


In the meantime, please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns!



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Re: Notice of Dispute - Issues with Service

More information on my situation -


First let me start by explaining in brief my issues with service - Had issues with AT&T U Verse TV and internet service since the date of installation around November/December 2011. Experienced over one and a half years of issues with intermittent service without resolution, spent countless hours on the phone on hold (mind you that I do not have unlimited calling minutes on my phone service, not provided by att), speaking with representatives and techs attemping to troubleshoot the issue. Multiple different techs and specialized departments attempted to fix the issue with no success. During the duration of the issue services were paid in full and only provided at an estimate of 50% of the time contracted. Estimate is based on actual experience with the service and information provided by the technician that discovered and finally fixed the issue on July 15th, 2013. I contacted AT&T and spoke with multiple different agents, supervisors and managers requesting a partial refund for payments made due to services not being provided as agreed and was denied a refund. Was offered 50% off current package for one year which would total in $276.00 discount if I stayed with AT&T for an additional year. Was later offered a $100 credit to the account but was informed repeatedly that a refund could not be provided in any amount. Received extremely poor and in some occasions rude customer service.



I submitted a notice of dispute on August 05th. By September 18th I had still not received any communication regarding my issue. I called ATT customer service and spoke with someone but could not understand what she was saying and it seemed pretty evident she couldn't understand what I was asking or requesting either however she informed me she was submitting a request for escalation.


Since I was unsure if she had sent in the necessary information to the correct department to assist me with my issue I started a chat through the ATT support website and spoke with someone, the rep informed me that an escalation had been submitted and I should hear something between 2 and 3 days. On September 23rd I contacted ATT again as I still had not received or heard anything regarding my issues. I spoke with someone named Sam on the chat, below is what was said:


Sam: Hi, how may I assist you today?

*******: Hello, I contacted you guys last week regarding a notice of dispute I sent in on August 5th and haven't heard anything

*******: I was told I should be informed within 2 to 3 days and still have not heard anything

*******: are you able to see what the status of the dispute is?

Sam: I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.

Sam: I can help you with that!

Sam: Please allow me a moment, while I access your account.

Sam: May I please know the concern so that I can read the supporting notes for that?

*******: I am requesting a refund for $****** and some odd dollars for inadequate service provided

*******: I was told the dispute was escaladed due to lack of response last week and there should be a # for the escalation, I believe it starts with a C

Sam: Let me check what best I can do for you.

Sam: Thank you for waiting. I appreciate your patience.

Sam: As I have gone through your account details I have noticed that your request was already processed.

Sam: You will not have to pay a penny extra.

Sam: You will get a confirmation email for the same.

*******:  I apologize but I didn't understand what you meant by I will not have to pay a penny extra, am I going to receive the refund I requested?

Sam: We really appreciate your understanding.

Sam: Yes you will get it for sure.

*******: When should I expect to receive the email?

Sam: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Sam: You will receive the email with in 24 hours.

*******: Ok, thank you so much

*******: have a good day

Sam: You are welcome

Sam: You too



24 hours passed and I never received the email mentioned above. I started another chat on September 24th around 7:45 am CDT. Spoke with someone named Kim, provided the information Sam had given me and Kim request a call back number. I provided the number and received a call from 407-***-****. The individual who called me requested I close my chat window and sign out of my account. I did, the individual than told me that he was requesting the check me mailed to me and that I should receive it within a certain number of days. I asked him to confirm when the check would be mailed and in what amount and he informed me to contact 877-***-**** the accounts department and they could provide me with that information, I asked again that I needed to call the number given and that the check was being mailed for my refund and he said yes.


Called the number given and spoke with Tina, who told me she did not have any information regarding dispute refund and that she would transfer me to the correct department in Billing. Spoke with someone who informed me that she didn’t see any documentation or notes in my account regarding the call I supposedly received. This individual also told me that the only note she could see was that the executive office had called me the day before and given me the resolution to my BBB complaint. I agreed and informed her that someone did call me regarding my complaint to BBB but that I was calling to obtain information about my dispute, that I had mailed and for which an escalation had been requested and for which I had just been informed a refund was being issued. She said there would be no refund. After discussing the issue multiple times and the conversation not going anywhere as no solution was being provided as to how I can receive a call from someone and be told one thing, than be told another by other people I ended the call.


Returned to chat to see If I could be given the same information again or routed to a different place. Spoke with Leo who told me the dispute was closed. Ended the chat. Returned to chat to reach a different rep. Spoke with Russel who told me the dispute was not closed it was being processed but that he could not assist me any further since he is with the billing departed. He instructed me to call 866-***-**** to obtain further information on my dispute.


Called 866-446-4115 and spoke with Scott id # ****** – Scott provided me with the exact same information the person I spoke with when I called 877-***-**** and was transferred did. Something similar to this:

He informed me that he didn’t see any documentation or notes in my account regarding the call I supposedly received from 407-***-**** and that the only note in the account of a call being made to me from ATT was from the executive office and he continued to read what the conversation with executive office consisted of and the resolution that was offered to my BBB complaint. I agreed and informed him that someone did call me regarding my complaint to BBB but that I was calling to obtain information about my dispute, which I had mailed and for which an escalation had been requested for which I had just been informed a refund was being issued. He said there was no refund and that ATT does not offer refunds as I had been informed by the executive office. After discussing the issue multiple times and the conversation not going anywhere as no solution was being provided as to how I can receive a call from someone and be told one thing, than be told another by other people I ended the call again.


Returned to chat again and spoke with David. And this could go on and on but i'm sure anyone reading this can get the picture. That chat and all other chats were saved and can be provided as evidence.



I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau  - BBB CASE#: 27323493


I have exhausted every means of solving my issues with no success, as stated previously I don't understand how a company can do whatever they want, cause as much inconvinience as they have caused me and not be held accountable. If a customer fails to provide payment for service the service is shut off and the account is sent to collections however if the company fails to provide adequate service they are excused from providing a refund? How is that a fair process?


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Former Employee

Re: Notice of Dispute - Issues with Service



Have you had a chance to send us a message yet using the link I provided in my previous post? I'm sorry that you've had so many problems with the chat agents, and I would really like to help you.


If you send us a message, we can get to work on this right away. To send the message, click here.


Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.



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Re: Notice of Dispute - Issues with Service

Mariana, I have. I sent it shortly after you replied to the initial post.

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Re: Notice of Dispute - Issues with Service

In case anyone is following this, or is experiencing the same issues I did here is an update -


Was contacted by AT&T executive offices again and this time was informed that after more investigation they have found that I was experience issues with service (no service) 1/3 of the time, not 1/2 of the time as I had been informed by the tech and had experienced and claimed on my dispute. Was told that to end this dispute they would be willing to offer me 1/3 of what I was requesting. After some conversation we agreed on a refund totalling 1/2 of the amount I requested. I was informed a check would be mailed to me.

The following day I received an email from AT&T legal department containing two documents I needed to sign and send back in order to receive my refund. The first documents was the agreement in legal terms that I needed to sign and the second a W-9. I started to read the agreement and realized that it stated among other things the following:


The parties agree to the following:

2. You will continue to pay the agreed upon $**** a month for internet services for 12 months.

3. AT&T, upon receipt of executed settlement agreement and properly completed Form W-9, shall issue a $**** check payable to ******* ********, ***** S. **th ******, Kansas City, ** *****.


I contacted AT&T back as I had not agreed to continue services with them for 12 months and would not agree to that. Also contacted AT&T to receive clarification as to why I would have to sign a W-9.

For those of you that like me didn't know what a W-9 is for it is a form that is used to request a tax payers identification number. This form is usually used by employers to request employees information or contractors information to report to the IRS. In other words, AT&T was requesting my Social Security Number in order to report my refund to the IRS as income, income that I would than have to report and pay taxes on.


Now the question I pose is what income is AT&T giving me? Did I work for them? Did i provide services to them? As far as I am aware I paid them significantly more than what they are REFUNDING me for services that I did not receive. So why would I, the consumer have to provide a W-9 to AT&T, receive a 1099 from them at the end of the year and claim my refund as income? And all of this in order to receive a refund? 

A refund that they will not issue unless I provide them with a W-9.


So to conclude, here I am again questioning how this is a fair process. How is a business allowed to engage in this kind of practices?


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ACE - Master

Re: Notice of Dispute - Issues with Service



Form W-9

Use this form to provide your correct TIN to the person who is required to file an information return with the IRS to report, for example, income paid to you, real estate transactions, mortgage interest you paid, acquisition or abandonment of secured property, cancellation of debt, or contributions you made to an IRA.


As you can see, it's used for other monetary transactions other than income.


Is the amount they are paying you above and beyond an amount you have paid them? 


In other words, is it a settlement or is it a refund?  I wouldn't think a refund would need to be reported whereas a settlement would.

*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: Notice of Dispute - Issues with Service

skeeterintexas - I am aware the W-9 is used for other reasons, I was siting how it affects my specific case. As to your question regarding settlement and refund as well as amount, that's exactly the question I am posing to AT&T.


The amount that was agreed in order to end the dispute is about 20% of the total I have paid for services, which makes it 30% less than I originally requested but in order to end this issue I agreed. 


In regards to settlement or refund if they now want to present the agreement we made for the refund as a settlement in order to benefit them than that's a whole other issue and again goes back to fairness, as everything they do is in their own benefit no matter the cost to the customers.


The individual I spoke with said they can not issue a check without the W9, that they can only do a credit to the account. I am not willing to accept a credit to the account (something I would only benefit from if I continue services with AT&T), the money has come out of my pocket and at this point i've even spent above any reasonable amount of money just contacting AT&T to resolve the service issue and also communicating my dispute.


Simply put I paid for services that I didn't receive and I want a refund.I am asking for fairness, for AT&T to be held accountable for the services they provide, the same way they hold customers accountable for paying theirs services and nothing more!


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