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Not Getting Close Internet Speed with U-Verse


Not Getting Close Internet Speed with U-Verse

Switched from Cox Cable to AT&T U-Verse two weeks ago, with AT&T's 6.0Mbps package. I immediately noticed a significant degradation of speed. At times, my Internet connection is nearly unusable. (I don't do much video or music downloads.)


Spent 1.5-hours on the phone on 1-20-13 with AT&T network tech. He and I ran several tests. Using, got Ping=70 ms; Download of 3.45 Mbps; Upload of 0.70 Mbps. Consistently get about the same numbers each time I run the test. End result of the session with the network tech was, "Nothing wrong with line/gateway. There is something wrong with your computer." He recommenced that I contact and subscribe to AT&Ts paid technical support.


Today, I subscribed to their technical support and spent a little less than two hours on the phone with their tech. She took control of my computer and ran dozens of tests and made several adjustments. We then ran another series of speed tests. Nothing changed. Still same slow speed. She said she could not check the line because she could not find my account. I thanked her and disconnected.


So, no what? Nothing is resolved. Speed still unacceptable. What do I do now? If I can't get the speed up to close to their "advertised" speed, then I must cancel AT&T U-Verse. Any AT&T super network techs out there to help?


Thanks to everyone.

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Re: Not Getting Close Internet Speed with U-Verse

What is showing when you run their speed test? Also, if you are testing through a wifi connection, yes your results can be lower than if connected through Ethernet.
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Re: Not Getting Close Internet Speed with U-Verse

Oops. My fat fingers not working well today. I meant "".


Ran tests using wireless and wired connections. No difference.


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Re: Not Getting Close Internet Speed with U-Verse

If you are using, as you stated before, yes it will show skewed results. Post from, and also to compare, you can use or a even better is Verizon's at

Do not worry much about the Ping results, since most of those servers on have heavy loads on them all of the time.
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Re: Not Getting Close Internet Speed with U-Verse

Thanks very much for your suggestions. Here are my results:


Verison Test Site:

Wired: Download 3.461; Upload 0.723

Wireless: Download 3.478; Upload 0.721

Wired: Download 3.53; Upload 0.69

Wireless: Download 3.53; Upload 0.69

Wired: Download 3.58; Upload 0.70

Wireless: Download 3.54; Upload 0.71



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Re: Not Getting Close Internet Speed with U-Verse

Looks like you are right on what your speeds should be with that package. Keep in mind that distance has a lot to do with the max rate you are going to get out of traditional DSL, and even with UVerse.

You can download UVerse Realtime from and post screenshots of the following tabs: IP/Profile, Error Table, Bitloading, and it will show any issues with your line.
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Re: Not Getting Close Internet Speed with U-Verse

Thanks! I have a Motorola NVG510 gateway and it is not compatible with uvrealtime. I heard I could get some sililar info by going to the diagnostics page on web interface for the gateway. I will check that out.



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Re: Not Getting Close Internet Speed with U-Verse

Ah.... you are an ADSL2+ customer.  Yes, I'd be interested in seeing what your line rates are.


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Re: Not Getting Close Internet Speed with U-Verse

I have had this issue as well. I moved between all plans and now have the fastest plan available in my area. With 18 Mbps I would get 12 down and 1 up. With 24/3 Mbps that I have now I average 17 down and 2 up. I have discussed this with att several times and they all state that I am in an ideal location in regards to where the main line is and my signal is perfect. 


I understand and that I could achieve "up to" 24/3 Mbps but I never come close on average. I do telepresence video conferencing from my home office and I am barely able to make it work. I feel like this misrepresentation of offered speeds should not happen at the prices they are charging. If I am only able to get 17 down and 2 up I should only pay the price of a lesser package. Meanwhile cable companies and verizon are offering blazing fast (and reliable) connections and Google Fiber is going to become more prevalent. I read that uverse will soon offer 45 Mbps which is the direction I was hoping they would go but I am already paying for what I feel those connection speeds are worth looking at all options in market today. And if I did move to that plan, nothing about my current experience leads me to believe I would get any higher than 28/2.5 Mbps. I would love to look into the uverse digital life services but any more resources needed on my network seems like a bad idea. 


Can anyone offer up advice for achieving the speeds of the plans customers are paying for or can anyone confirm that they consistently get the appropriate download/upload connection speeds? I haven't seen comments that some users get the speed they are paying to get so I figured I'd ask. 



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Re: Not Getting Close Internet Speed with U-Verse

Have seen many get their profile speeds, hardwired...not wireless, with no IPTV service in use as shared bandwidth.
Bandwidth preference is first VOIP, then IPTV, balance left is available for HSIA.

On 24/3 plan, have 32M profile...hard wire test using speed test,net to local area server.
In our area have 3 to choose from and speeds can vary by 5M or more between the three, depending on routing.
On wireless, in non crowded environment, proper channel (1-11) see about 90%, in crowded multi dwelling with no good channels 33%. But wireless speeds are not guarantee, only hardwired with no other service in use on speed tests.

If have HD IPTV each channels watch or record uses about 6M....32 profile -3HD inputs (18) leaves 14 @90% =12.5
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