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Nonrefundable credit fee question?


Nonrefundable credit fee question?

I understand that there may be a $449 charge, which consists of a $199 "installation" fee and a non refundable $250 "credit fee" for customers who are deemed a credit risk. I find this incredibly unconscionable, but AT&T is a monopoly in my area. There's no other choice for internet. My question is this: The $449 I've seen referenced is for TV/Internet bundles. Can anyone tell me what the fee might be for internet only? 


My husband had a stroke last year and our credit has really taken a very hard hit. I know that we would be charged whatever fee that AT&T wants, but if the fee for internet oinly is "reasonable", I might quickly recoup that with the savings of canceling land line and satellite TV services and going solely to streaming with our connected consoles/players.

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Re: Nonrefundable credit fee question?

While I cannot guarantee, this post seems to indicate a $100 deposit for internet only.

Best to call Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm local time (US call center) for exact information.
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Re: Nonrefundable credit fee question?

To be clear, I don't find a deposit unconscionable. I find the non-refundable part unconscionable. Even if it was a deposit they retained until you returned their equipment and paid your final bill, that would be fine. The fact that it's $250 that just disappears into a black hole for absolutely nothing other than the fact that you're a risk. If they used that $250 to offset you skipping out on your final bill and then pursued you for the rest, that's even ok.
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