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No service light on 3600HGV

No service light on 3600HGV

I recently got U-verse again. I am using my old router. It's a 3600HGV. When I set up my new account over the phone, I was told my router is compatible.

Here is what's happening...

I follow the set up and connect the cables and hook it to my laptop. I will got solid Greens across the board minus the service light. That light will at first blink, then go red and eventually just go off. I am getting green for power, local Ethernet, wireless, and broadband.

I have tried unplugging and resetting with the button on the back. I have also tried multiple jacks in my house.

I also can access the router page using my laptop. I have tried resetting the IP, resetting the broadband and rebooting the system.

Nothing has established a solid service connection in order to register my router.

I have been trying to access the set up page Is this even the correct web address to register?

This has generated an error page that tells me to contact my service provider.

Any tips would be most helpful.
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Re: No service light on 3600HGV

Most likely the service is not yet active on your line.  I would call AT&T Technical Support at 800-288-2020 and check on the status.


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Re: No service light on 3600HGV

To access the internet and registrations page need both broadband and service lights to be solid green.
Have you moved to a new address or same location with new service?
Broadband solid means sync is established, good signal from vrad to RG. A physical connection exists.
Service light flashing green, to solid red, to off means service is not set up right or flaky port at Vrad.

Did you receive connection date/time?, a call or email that service order has been completed?

Possibilities if moving to new location, service is still existing from or disconnect not compete from previous account
If tech dispatched would have to verify service at both VDAD and NID on customer self install order before closing ticket.
Tech normally calls with message that work order is completed but may receive email notification instead.

If your install date/time has nor arrived, wait....if past install scheduled time frame need to call 1-800-288-2020 or check this site

Hope this helps please post if issue is resolved or not, thanka
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Re: No service light on 3600HGV

I'll give them a call and see what they say. Thanks for that. I talked to them the other day before posting this. Tech support went right into trouble shooting. I don't recall her verifying I had service.
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Re: No service light on 3600HGV

My install date/time had passed when I had tried to set up. It was for the 12th at 8pm. When I failed to get the service light to stay green is when I called tech support.

However I did received 2 separate emails a day part telling me "your u-verse order has shipped" with expected arrival dates of the next day. One even had a UPS tracking number. This felt odd because it says they were for a 3600HGV which I already have. I explicitly told them i had my equipment when i talked to the customer support and tech support people.

I wasn't sure if this is a formality for their system to say I have one on paper.

Good info so far guys. Thanks for all the help and I will keep you updated on my progress. It's been tough dedicated time to it since we are still moving and I haven't been able to be off work.
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Re: No service light on 3600HGV

Got it all fixed. I had to have a tech come out. He was very nice and helpful. He had to fix the service problem first by reinstalling the jack in the wall. Also He had to swap out the gateway for a new one.

Thanks for all the help guys.
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Re: No service light on 3600HGV

"Service light flashing green, to solid red, to off means service is not set up right or flaky port at Vrad."


Or... for one of my gateways, it means the gateway's bad.  Field tech confirmed he sees what you described quite often - just bad modems.  Connected a different model & it got a solid green service light right away.  They probably think I'm paying $99 for the service call (hee - hee), after I repeatedly told Tier 2 tech that seemed "out of it," I didn't need OR want a tech & wouldn't pay, if he chose to send one out.


I needed a modem that worked & wouldn't pay for service tech.  Even the Tier 2 phone tech could see I had a good broadband signal & knew I could get internet connection w/ an older (but beat up "new" modem) - just not w/ the replacement. 


Field tech agreed - nothing wrong w/ anything - except the modem.  He didn't ask me to sign the order, when done.

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