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No service after internet upgrade


No service after internet upgrade

On 4 September I placed an online order to upgrade internet speed from Elite to Max Plus. The completion date on the order stated it should be completed on the same day. So, after checking the status of my work order on the 5th and finding it still open, I chatted with a rep who told me my order would be completed by 8 PM. When I checked the internet service on myaccount yesterday, it still showed as Elite. I again started to chat with rep. I simply wanted to know when the service would be realistically upgraded. The rep said they could see the open order and could help me with that. After area seconds, all service died. Of course the chat session was ended by the loss of service. I waited about 90 minutes, thinking the service was being reset. It never came back up. I reset the RG several times. I used my phone to look up myaccount and sure enough , the service was upgraded to Max Plus. I called the support line and they told me it is a line issue. So now I have to wait two days for a tech to come out. Is it possible that going from Elite to Max Plus is too much for my line to handle?
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Re: No service after internet upgrade

Yes, elite internet only or internet and voip service would have been 13M profile.
Max Plus is 25 M profile, generally requires a tech install, home run (cable from nid to RG ideally should be cat5,

could be cat3, should not be quad.
In addition as a home run it is a dedicated line with no other connections (PHONE JACKS EQUAL BRIDGE TAPS).
The tech also verifies nid is updated, qualty of signal (25M profile) and noise margin, if outside line issue creates a helper ticket for CIM tech.

I suspect your original install was a CSI where the equipment was shipped to you.

Because of the low profile your service probably worked fine.
Now are asking the same items to support twice as much without knowing that it can.
A tech visit is required if issue is outside plant related no charge,

if issue is with your wiring or inside connection billable minimum $99 service call.

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