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No Audio When Using HDMI On VIP2250


No Audio When Using HDMI On VIP2250

I was recently upgraded to the VIP2250 DVR. Initially it was set up using component cables and the optical out to my surround receiver. Yesterday I reconnected it with a brand new HDMI cable, but I get no audio without using the optical. I tried 2 other HDMI cables, but got the same result. I then tried 2 other HDMI inputs on my TV with the same results. I understand the workaround is to use the optical, but I'd kind of like it to work properly since I only have one optical input on my surround sound receiver, so when I switch between U-Verse, my Blue Ray player, and my X-Box, I have to move the cable from the out put of the VIP2250 to the output of the TV (the TV does surround pass through for my Blue Ray and my X-Box).

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Re: No Audio When Using HDMI On VIP2250

Hi  @MDavis0818 ,


I apologize about the issues you are having with audio through your DVR. One thing to look into is the Digital Audio Output Settings.

You can access it on our DVR by:

  1. Press menu on your AT&T Remote.
  2. Select Options
  3. Scroll down to Audio/Language options.
  4. Choose Digital Audio Options

I would suggest choosing Stereo. Also, make sure your TV is on a Stereo setting.

If you are still having problems, let us know, and we may need to replace the DVR, which I can definitely help do.


-David T

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Re: No Audio When Using HDMI On VIP2250

OK, yes, I have audio by switching to Stereo, but that defeats the purpose of having a surround sound system! Since HDMI supports up to 7.1 surround, why do I have to downgrade to stereo???? My TV supports digital audio pass through, so I SHOULD be able to run HDMI surround from my DVR into my TV, then use my optical out into my surround sound system.


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Re: No Audio When Using HDMI On VIP2250

MDavis0818 - This is a really complicated situation. I hesitated to comment on it, but, there are bases to cover. Just because the HDMI interface is capable of carrying a feature does not mean it is there. It may be there only sometimes or not at all.

In U-verse, I believe surround is only active on HD, never SD. Some HD channels may not include surround. Some programs may not include surround.

Most TVs do not decode surround. What is the model of your TV? Many TVs that pass surround only pass it for OTA. not other inputs.

Does the STB pass surround on the HDMI when connected directly to the surround sound system?
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Re: No Audio When Using HDMI On VIP2250

The difference between Stereo and Surround is the digital audio format that is sent by the U-Verse STB.

In Stereo mode, the STB sends 2-channel audio in PCM format. PCM format is an uncompressed, generic format that all HDMI devices support.

In Surround mode, the STB sends 5.1-channel audio in Dolby Digital format. Not all TVs support Dolby Digital audio. Yours may be one of these models. Your Blu-Ray player may send 5.1-channel PCM (many Blu-Ray players do this), and I believe the XBox does as well. This explains why you're getting surround audio with them but not with the U-Verse box.

Do you actually have a 6-speaker audio system? If so, then you probably have an audio receiver that's driving those. Plug the U-Verse HDMI cable (or optical cable) into the audio receiver directly to use surround sound instead of routing it through the TV.
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