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New firmware breaks DNS relay service


New firmware breaks DNS relay service

On Monday Oct 11, all 6 of my computers, 2 iPhones and a Sony TV started exhibiting intermittant network failures. Web pages wouldn't load and email accounts would show up as offline. But it would work fine roughly once in 6 tries. Or it would work for a bit and then go intermitant again. 


Help desk reported no outages and my line tested OK. Restarting the Uverse modem did not solve the problem. A new 2wire 3600HGV did not solve the problem.


On a lark, I was told to manually configure everything on my network to use Google DNS servers instead of using the 2wire residential gateware to relay DNS requests to the AT&T DNS servers.


Using the Google or AT&T DNS servers directly instead of relaying through the 2wire solves the problem. Unfortunately, every person who comes to my house has a problem using my network unless I manually reconfigure their devices. The 2wire firmware used to work just fine and it won't permit, disabling DNS relay and passing the DNS AT&T server addresses to the client during the DHCP process.


Help desk is say "meh ... "Some customer's equipment doesn't work with the AT&T DNS relay". Mind you, ALL of my equipment has the latest iOS and Mac OS X or firmware from Sony. All 6 computers, 2 wireless access points, 2 phones "don't work" with Firmware  But it was all working fine BEFORE Oct 14.


Anyone else having this problem? Is this a known firmware bug in the 3600HGV? Or does the new firmware just not work with Apple and Sony equipment maybe?

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Re: New firmware breaks DNS relay service

I also have and mine works fine.  I have 3 sony TV's, a Sony S Tablet, iPhones X 2, laptops, etc.  All work fine so I'm not sure why your having issues.


I know you said you received a new gateway but maybe try resetting it back to factory default and let it re-load the software and see if you get the same behavior.


If the software revision was causing the issue you discribe, there would be tons of complaints on these boards.

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Re: New firmware breaks DNS relay service

I would recommend you reset the 3600HGV to factory defaults using the last button on the following page:

On occasion, I've seen the 2Wire gateways exhibit strange symptoms which are only corrected by a factory reset.

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